Zoella Beauty Review

Hey everyone!

Many of you probably know Zoe (Zoella) from YouTube. And you probably know she has brought out her own product line, Zoella Beauty. I have a few products i’m going to review for you, obviously I don’t have all of them but I will tell you what I think of each one.

Tutti Fruity Range 

This super cute cosmetic/coin purse is perfect for either keeping any make-up you need for school organised in your bag. Or obviously keeping money in! These are usually £6.oo from Superdrug of Feel Unique, but if you hurry there is a discount at the minute for £4.20!! It is a baby pink colour with darker pink polka dots on and sketches of make up on!



Probably one of my favourite of the products, the Fresh Fizz fragranced bath fizzer smells amazing as it fizzes away in your bath! This is £5 to buy, which I think is amazing! This comes with 4 blocks that you break up and use one at a time in the bath! The bath fizzer doesn’t have ant colour running through it which is a bit disappointing but whatever!


The Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel is only £3.50! This fruity sweet shower gel makes you smell amazing and the scent lasts all day. I love this and I can’t believe the price!! You don’t need a lot of this to make you smell amazing and for it to clean you!


This Scrubbing Me Softly body scrub comes with a lot of… scrub?? I have heard it does a lot of great things to your skin and i’m so excited to use it!  I haven’t used it yet but I hope it is worth it. The scrub is £7.00 so I hope it’s worth it!

The Original Range


The Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance is £5.00. I love the scent of Blissful Mistful but I think £5 is a bit to expensive for the amount of product you get. But I love the Blissful Mistful Perfume because It lasts for ages and is only £8.00.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was my first! Also please let me know if you likes this or if you have any other products that you think I would like.

See you soon!













2 thoughts on “Zoella Beauty Review

  1. I loved this post and it’s made me interested in buying some of the products. I always look at Zoe’s products but never actually pick them up and buy them, now I want to try the shower gel! You will have to do a post on what you think of the scrub 😀

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    1. thankyou! 🙂 I have tried the scrub and I love it! I know I always walk past them in Superdrug but never seen to pick them up! But the scrub and the perfume are the ones I have been using the most! Xxx


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