Winter Pamper Routine

Hello Everyone!

So I don’t know about you but in winter I love having a pamper night. There are a few products that I love to use when I feel like having a nice relaxing evening so today I’m going to show you what I do! Hope you enjoy! X

So first I like to put some music on. Duh! At the minute I have been loving Justin Bieber, One Direction, Little Mix, Taylor Swift and 5 seconds of summer. But for a pamper routine I have been loving One Direction’s Made in the AM.  Especially History. To be honest I love to make a playlist on Spotify with all my favourite songs on and just play that.

Anyway, once music is sorted, I get to lighting all my fairy lights. There is something about lovely blankets, fairy lights and lovely calm music that makes you feel so relaxed and calm. Maybe light a candle as well if you want your room to smell nice but I have a little sister who would just knock it over somehow. So I avoid that for the best!


Next I start running my bath. Obviously you can have a shower but baths are a perfect time to relax and use up all those bath bombs and bubble bars you keep buying… yes I know it’s not just me! So I usually go for the comforter bubble bar because that is my fave and a bath bomb. Obviously if i’m using a green bath bomb i would use a blue bubble bar or some fun.


In the bath, I love to use my lush Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly and my Zoella Beauty Scrubbing me Softly Body Scrub. For face masks, I usually use the Lush Cupcake or those £1 peel off masks you can get from Boots/Superdrug. You know the ones I mean. I will usually watch some YouTube videos in the bath, for some reason I end up watching hauls! Or Netflix or I just sit there on my phone!


I hate getting out of a bath. Especially when its warm and it smells absolutely lovely! To moisturize I use either my Cleanly, Madly, Dreamy one from Zoe’s range that I talked about a few weeks ago, or a Soap and Glory one.


So this is the time to put your mot cosy pyjamas on and get a hot chocolate. I love my onesie from (i have no idea!) But its so warm and super soft to wear! I also love putting my hot chocolates in little mason jar things because it looks so pretty and its more exciting than a mug! Also you have to have plenty of whipped cream and marshmallows!!


So once I have made my hot chocolate, I just go back to my bedroom and carry on watching YouTube or Pretty Little Liars. Please can we appreciate Pretty Little Liars for a minute because its the best show ever! I love it! Or I would watch a Christmas movie or a Disney film.


Once I have finished watching whatever i’m watching, I will just go on my phone and maybe Instagram a photo of the amazing bath I had earlier of just scroll through Twitter. By this time its usually quite late and I’m starting to get tired. So I just watch another YouTube video then go to sleep! Night!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was probably my favourite to write out of all of my posts so far! I also hope that this has given you some ideas for your own pamper routine!

See You Soon!

Jess xx


6 thoughts on “Winter Pamper Routine

    1. Cleanly, Madly, Dreamy is my favourite moisturizer I would really recommend it! I haven’t got Kissy Missy because whenever I go into Superdrug it’s always out of stock! I did do a review of her products but it’s really bad! haha. Also thanks for following me, i’ll check out your blog xxx

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