Lush Christmas Collection

Hello Everyone!

So you may or may not know I have an obsession with Lush. I have a few bath bombs that I would like to show you and what I thought of them. Some I have used before, but a few I haven’t so I wont be able to tell you about them properly. Most of my bath bombs are from the Christmas collection but I hope you enjoy! X


The Golden Wonder bath bomb smells amazing! I can’t put my finger on what it smells like but all I know is that it is gorgeous. When you shake it, you can hear something inside, which I think turns out to be stars. As is fizzes away in your bath, a lovely blue color appears. You can kinda see the color that it turns on the bottom of the bow (not the pink!) This is one of the more expensive bath bombs, I think it’s about £4.95?!?! As I said, most of this stuff is from the Christmas range, but I really hope this one comes back nest year.


This bath bomb is one of the ones that isn’t in the Christmas Collection. The Experimenter isn’t my favourite smell in the world but I still love it!! The colours that come out of this hexagonal bomb are amazing! Even though it looks amazing for a while, the bath gradually starts to turn a brownish colour. Which isn’t to nice if you ask me. Even though it turns brown, the gorgeous colours that come out of this are completely worth it and that’s whats made me buy this to many times! These are £3.95 each which I don’t think is that bad. To be honest this bath bomb is something you would want to record if you ask me! (Also please excuse the state of my bath bomb, I know it looks gross!)


This next bath bomb I cant remember the name of! You’ll see by the picture I insert what it looks like. This smells amazing! It’s one of those bombs that you just want to use again and again or just sit there all way smelling it! I’m pretty sure this turns the bath water green but i’m not sure. I used this one on Christmas eve along with the Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly and on Christmas Day I smelt amazing!


So that’s the end of today’s post guys, I know I only showed you three bath bombs but i’m planning on doing a Lush Bath Bomb demo post so let me know if you would like to see that! Also please give me some ideas for blog posts because I need some ideas! Leave below some questions for me to answer because i’m thinking of doing a Q&A post. Ask as many as you want, the more questions the better!

Please make sure you check out my last post, a Winter Pamper Routine!

Anyway, see you soon!

Jess xx




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