TMI Tag!

Hey everyone!

So I know both this weeks posts have been a bit rubbish, but I hope you enjoyed them anyway! So today I am going to be doing the TMI Tag so lets get started!

1. what are you wearing? My blue onesie (don’t judge!)

2. have you ever been in love? No

3. have you ever had a terrible break up? No

4. how tall are you? 4.7 feet

5. how much do you weigh? I have no idea! Haha!

6. any tattoos? Nope! And I don’t want any!

7. any piercings? Nope!

8. otp? Zoe and Alfie or Hanna and Caleb

9. what is your favorite show? Pretty Little Liars!!!!!!!

10. who are your favorite bands? 5 Seconds of Summer and One Direction

11. something you miss? My friends from my old school and mum tidying my room!

12. favorite song? Hey Everybody by 5SOS or Love yourself and Sorry by Justin Beiber

13. how old are you? *wink wink*

14. zodiac sign? Libra

15. quality you look for in a partner? They have to be cute, duh! And they have to make me laugh/have a good sense of humor and they have to been kinda smart! I know i’m fussy!

16. what is your favorite quote? Either “You’re never to old for a Disney Movie” or “Life is better when you’re laughing”

17. who is your favorite actor? Tyler Blackburn is just to hot!

18. favorite color? Mint and purple

19. loud music or soft? Pop music thats loud!

20. where do you go when you’re sad? My bed with a hot chocolate, ice cream and Netflix

21. how long does it take you to shower? 10-15 minutes, most of that I spend washing ,y hair!

22. how long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About an hour but if i’m having a shower, probably an extra 30 minutes!

23. have you ever been in a physical fight? No

24. turn on’s? Funny, clean, just nice really I mean who want’s a horrible boyfriend!

25. turn off’s? Smelly, rude and disrespectful

26. the reason I joined youtube? I haven’t! Haha!

27. what are your fears? Spiders and drowning 

28. last thing that made you cry? When my auntie passed away

29. last time you said you loved someone? My friends all the time!

30. meaning behind your youtube  blog name? Well I was gonna call it something really cute but I was eating chocolate drops at the time so why not! Haha

31. last book you read? Girl Online On Tour

32. the book you’re currently reading? It’s by John Green but I don’t really read that much… whoops!

33. last show you watched? Pretty Little Liars

34. last person you talked to? My best friend Evie

35. the relationship between you and the last person you texted? The last person I texted was Lucy, she’s one of my best friends

36. what is your favorite food? Pizza, beans and fries

37. place you want to visit? Disney World Flordia

38. last place you were? School?!

39. do you have a crush? Celebrity crushes

40. last time you kissed someone? ….

41. last time you were insulted? A few days ago

42. favorite flavor of sweet? Haribo???

43. what instruments do you play? Used to play piano, but I stopped

44. favorite piece of jewelry? I dont really own much jewelery, either my pizza necklace Evie got my for Christmas or a bracelet, my other best friend Lucy gave me! I have three best friends if you’re confused : Evie, Lucy and Lucy!

45. last sport you played? Swimming

46. last song you sang? Disney songs!!

47. favorite pick up line? 😮

48. have you ever used it? 

49. last time you hung out with anyone? At school I guess…

50. who should answer these questions next? Any of my blogger friends! Comment on this when you have done it so I can read it!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tag, and finding out a little bit more about me! Please like this and follow!

Comment what you are wearing in the comments below!

See you soon!

Jess xxx


4 thoughts on “TMI Tag!

    1. It’s the best TV show ever! Nah, Caleb has to be with Hanna, it’s just not right if he’s with Spencer! But to be honest Caleb is the perfect boyfriend…


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