Things to do when you’re Bored

Hello everyone!

The things I am going to show you are things you can do when you’re bored or if you are looking for things to do on a sleepover! I am going to be doing a girly pamper night post soon so look forward to that!

IMG_2759.JPGThis first thing is cooking/baking.So this is a really nice idea if its near dinner or lunch time and you fancy something nice to eat. I love cooking something (usually pizza) and then eating it! But what I love even more is baking. I mean butter and sugar when they have been mixed together is amazing! This is a lovely idea to do with your friends, because it it so fun and you end up with something yummy to eat afterwards!

IMG_2760Next we have the most obvious one. Pigging out on chocolate! So when i’m bored, my instant reaction is to put on a Netflix show or YouTube and just eat!

IMG_2761I absolutely love creating arty photos either for Instagram or my blog. So some days I just spend getting little things from around my house and capture them in a photo!

The next thing is again, something to do with food. As you know, I love baking, but mug cakes are so easy to make and I love these when I come back from swimming or after school! I will link a recipe for a mug cake down below that my friend showed me and that I have been loving recently!


The final thing is to do with food, surprise surprise! And that’s make your own ice cream sundaes! I love having loads of different flavored ice cream, sprinkles and chocolate cause and again, watching a Netflix programme!

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post, i’ll see you soon!

Jess xx

Mug Cakes-


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