Collective Haul January 2016

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted recently but … okay I have no excuse! Anyway, I have been shopping a bit recently (duh!) So today I am going to be showing you what I have brought! I have been to Primark, Next, New Look, Superdrug/Boots and Lush! I’m gonna try and make this as short as I can as well as talking about the products in detail so lets get started!


So I don’t really go into Next that much, but for Christmas I got a voucher for there so I decided to spend the afternoon there! At the Next near me, there is a Costa so I just walked round with one of there smoothies!

So the first thing I got from Next was this gold metal wired basket that I keep all my Lush in! I love this because it is the perfect size for my lush collection! I can’t remember how much it was but I think around £7?? But I don’t know!!??


The next thing is this grey ombre cushion that I just keep on my bed, obviously! But there’s not really much else to say about this cushion, i mean it’s a cushion!! Haha!


And the final thing I got from Next was actually from the kids section! It was a striped turtle neck long sleeved top. I love the material of this and it was only £8.50! I might show you a photo of this but I think it’s in the wash so there might not be a photo!


So I only got 2 things from Primark and I’ve just realized they were both tops!  So the first one is just a kinda beige colour and it again has a turtle neck! It is super comfy to wear and long sleeved! As you can probably tell I get cold! So surprise surprise, my next top has long sleeved! It has stripes but slightly further apart than the other one from Next. I really like both of these and together they were £15.


So from Lush I got Intergalactic, for the 20th time! I just love the smell and what it does in the bath! It smells like peppermint but sweet peppermint! Because my Lush is in my bathroom, the whole room smells of mint but i’m not complaining!


The final bath bombs but i’m not sure! I’m just rubbish at describing smells!! I think this turns the water blue because i’ve seen it on Instagram, but I can’t remember.



From the drugstore I have brought three things:

A Babylips -Winter edition- Hot Chocolate which is a gorgeous shimmery nude colour and a Babylips -DrRescue- Coral Crave which really moisturizes your lips!


Finally a Batiste dry shampoo in cherry scent. I love the smell of this and it really gets rid of grease really quickly!



So that was the end of my haul, I hope you enjoyed this and yeah! See you soon! Bye! Xxx


Twitter- @9chocolatedrops


4 thoughts on “Collective Haul January 2016

    1. You HAVE to! Its definitely my favourite bath bomb from lush, along with Twilight, and it makes the bath really pretty aswell! If you have an Instagram, I would recommend filming it! Pleased you enjoyed the post xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Need to try that intergalactic bath bomb! It looks amazing and I’ve never tried a lucy bath bomb before! x


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