How To: Be Happy!

Hello Everyone!

So I have decided to start a mini series on my blog called ‘How To…’. So there will be things like ‘How To Be Happy’ and stuff like ‘How To Make Your Room More Summery’ so you never know what to expect from this series! I hope you like this and please leave a comment of some ‘How To’s’ I could do. Comment now, i’ll wait!


1. Make the Most of Little things. I have this quote in my room that says ‘make the most of the little things in life because in the end they will turn out to be the big things’ and I think that’s totally true! I think you should have a tiny little notebook, smaller that A5, and take it everywhere with you and just write down whenever something makes you happy! That way whenever you are feeling upset, you can just get the notebook and read about those little moments that made you smile. They could be silly things like ‘I talked to a friend that I haven’t spoken to in ages’ or ‘I sorted out my wardrobe’ or ‘I had a really nice piece of cake today!’


2. Spend as Much Time with the People you Love. Whether it’s going to see your nan and granddad after school/work or having a long chat with a friend, I think you should surround yourself with the people you love and care about. It will make you so much happier going shopping with your friends rather than alone and having a beach walk with your family rather than having a dog walk on your own. Also the more time you spend with them, the more memories you will have together and the more inside jokes you will have!



3. Make your room a happy place. Okay, okay so lets be honest, when you live at home you spend most of your time in your room, am i right??!! So you want your room to be welcoming and you want it to make you feel happy. At the minute, my room isn’t like that so I am starting to do something about it. And no, I don’t mean do and spend hundreds of pounds replacing all your stuff, there are a few little things you can do to your room to make it feel nice. First of all, make it bright! So if you have really dark curtails in your room, replace them with some lighter ones or just some blinds! This lets more light in and makes your room a brighter place and less like a cave! The next thing you can so is invest in some fairy lights/different ways of lighting your room up. They don’t have to be expensive, Primark do some really pretty lights for an amazing price!


4. Do Whatever You Want. No, I don’t mean literally do whatever you want, I mean follow your dreams. So if you have always wanted to start a blog/youtube channel, do it! This might be your last day on this planet (as horrible as it sounds) and you want to make it the best day ever! I have another quote that says ‘Treat everyday like you’re in DisneyLand’ which I think is great because if you want to do something at DisneyLand, then you are going to do that thing aren’t you?? (Or just eat the cake!!)


5. Do Exercise. So as you might know I swim 5 times a week, and if i’m having a bad day, swimming makes it better. You don’t have to swim, just go out for a slow gentle jog at first to clear your head of all your worries/stresses. Not only does it make you feel better, it also makes you fitter which is better for your health! It also lets you see more of the world, a beautiful side of the world. So if you’re sitting there right now, and have watched Netflix and YouTube all day, go and put some trainers on and run!


6. Be Productive. At the start of everyday, set yourself 1 thing you’re going to achieve that day. It could be really stupid but it stops you from doing irrelevant things all day. Also it’s really nice to get into bed in the evenings and think “I’ve done loads today.” It makes you feel good and it makes you use your time more beneficently. While you’re doing that, take some photos (I like Polaroids for this) and make a scrapbook of all the photos. This one’s small but I really like it.

So that was the end of this post, I hope you liked it! I really liked writing this and please let me know if this helped any of you because it would make me feel amazing! Also remember to comment some ideas for ‘How To’ posts and I will use some of them!

See you soon| Love you! | Jess xxx


6 thoughts on “How To: Be Happy!

  1. Such a great idea for a blog series! I love all of these things, great tips! I’m already down with number 3, 4 and 5, but I should definitely get better at 1 and 2. Writing down little things is a great idea! You should consider getting bloglovin’ so we can follow each other:)


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