Top 3 Zoella Beauty Products and Soap and Glory

Hey everyone!

So two of my favourite bath and body brands are Zoella Beauty and Soap and Glory so today I thought I would do a top 3 favourite products from these! Before I start I just wanna let you know that it was really hard to choose these and I have lost my Soap and Glory shower gel! So Clean On Me would be here but i’ve lost it! Oh and also this is a collab post with one of me faves, Lucy! Go and check out her blog and give it some love as she has just started posting and her top 3 favourites should be up soon! Anyway, lets get started and enjoy!

Before I start I just wanna say these aren’t in any particular order! Anyway, lets just get started! Xx


Brand- Zoella Beauty 

So as you can see, this isn’t something you can use in the bath but I had to include this because I use it everyday! This is the Blissful Missful body mist/perfume and I have had so much use of this considering it’s £8! I got this at the beginning of December and I have used it everyday, you can see how much I have left! I think it’s amazing! I love the scent of this and I have it in the solid fragrance which I got for Christmas which I love as well! Anyway, the scent of this is amazing and it lasts all day so go and pick one of these up!



Brand- Soap and Glory 

This is a mini version of this because I just seem to be getting sets with these in! Anyway, this Sugar Crush Body Buttercream smells amazing! It smells of lime but quite sweet??! It also it really moisturizing but to me this is more of a summer scent so all of my little pots of these are getting stored away until then! I think the mini pots are £2.50 which is amazing because they last for ages!


Brand- Zoella Beauty 

This fizz bar has also got a summery scent but whatever! So when you have a bath you just pop this in the water and it makes it smell amazing! There is no colour in this but there are 4 sections so you can use it multiple times! This is £5 from Superdrug or Feel Unique and I absolutely love this! Also please can we just comment on this packaging because it’s beautiful!


Brand- Soap and Glory 

I’m aware that all my Soap and Glory products are moisturizers but I don’t care! I haven’t tried the Zoella Beauty handcream and this is the reason! The Soap and Glory hand food is the only hand cream I have ever owned! Obviously I have tried others, but I just love the scent of this, how quickly it soaks into your hands and how moisturizing it is! If you go and buy one thing from this post, pick this! I love it!


Brand- Zoella Beauty 

This body scrub smells amazing! It really makes your skin feel amazing and gets rid of any dead skin cells and makes your body feel all smooth and clean. There are little beads in it to really clean your skin and i’m pretty sure they melt into your skin afterwards to really clean it but as you know, I don’t really know the science behind body scrubs! I only use this if I want a really nice pamper bath/shower because I need to use up all those shower gels! I’m pretty sure this is £8 but I can’t really remember!


Brand- The Righteous Butter 

Okay before we start, lets just appreciate the smell of this! Okay if you have never smelt this body butter, what are you doing with your life??!!! Go out now and smell it! Oh and buy it while your at it as well! Haha! Not only does this smell amazing, you don’t need to use loads to make you feel moisturized! Because this is quite a big tub, it will last for ages so it doesn’t make a massive dent in your purse!

So on the left is what the Righteous Butter looks like and on the right is the Zoella Beauty Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub.


So I hope you enjoyed this post, and go and check out Lucy while your at it! Oh and if you want to buy any of this links will be down below! Xxx

See you soon! Jess xxxx


Soap And Glory 

Righteous Butter-

Hand Food-

Sugar Crush Body Butter-


Zoella Beauty 

Body Scrub-

Fizz Bar-

Blissful Missful Fragrance-




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