This Month | January 2016

Hey everyone!

Today I am going to be doing a ‘January 2016 look back’ post (if that’s what you call it!) So I am going to be telling you what’s been going on in January, my blog accomplishments and everything! I hope you enjoy this and I think this will be really nice to look back on! Xx

IMG_0029So at the start of January, I went on loads of wintery beach walks (to try out my new camera) and obviously to have some chips! Where we live, there is a really nice fish and chip shop which we always buy chips from! For some reason, in January I had loads of chips! So much for a healthy start to the new year! Haha!


IMG_2754.JPGAlso throughout January, I became really into photography! Because I had my new camera, I became more inspired to take really nice photos, and I want to continue to do so! This photo is probably one of my favorites that I have taken, it also has no filter!


IMG_2812So January is the month after Christmas when everyone is grumpy and its cold and everything is just a bit rubbish. Well for me anyway! I have made some really nice cakes and cookies this month, I did a chocolate orange cupcakes post that you can go and look at! I have brought a lot of clothes and random bits and bobs this month, my purse isn’t thanking me! I have been having loads of baths as well, using up my many bath products that I got given for Christmas!

New blog bannerSo now onto my blog! January has been the first main month that I have had my blog, and I now have some really good blog friends! I have 11 followers which is crazy! I know it’s not a lot, but I have no idea how you have all found my blog!! You are all so lovely, which amazes me and to take the time out of your life to read my blog and comment on it! Thankyou so much! All the hugs xxxx

Favorites For January

  1. My blog! Duh! I just love chatting to you guys, writing posts and photography!
  2. Soap and Glory! So I did a post on my favourite Soap and Glory products, for some reason I have been using them so much more this month!
  3. Zoella Beauty Blissful Missful body mist
  4. Lush Santa Baby lip tint
  5. Youtubers- Just Jodes and Eve Bennett
  6. Friends! This month I have been through a lot, someone quite close to me passing away this month and my friends have been my rock throughout all of this. There is a group of us that has had some friendship problems at the minute, one person is being horrible, so they have been really important this month! Xx
  7. Snapchat! Haha but it’s true!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed writing this and I am excited to see how far I will come! Also please let me know if you enjoyed this and if you would like this every month!

See you soon! Love you!

Jess xx


17 thoughts on “This Month | January 2016

  1. Great post! Wow 11 followers! That’s is really good for a first months, I’ve been blogging since October till now – and got 37 followers (they are all recent).

    •how I found your blog: (I think it’s by someone else’s post’s comments)

    •how I got more followers since Dec, Jan & now; I look for stuff I’m interested, like for instance, Washi tape, I want the people I follow to be almost the same as me, ie on WordPress, DIYing / beauty blogging, so I search “Washi tape diy WordPress”,
    From there I look at the images and click on the links I like, then I follow them go to their About page, letting them know I followed them and appreciate if they’d do the same (which I probably said the same to you).

    Trust me it helped a lot! (I don’t want to seem like if I’m ranting but before Dec I barely had any followers)

    PS: WordPress’s Community Pool also helped with getting viewers, commenters and sometimes followers

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem, I don’t want you to spend all that time for something you can do right now!!! I know how it is (because I still) to get new followers! I am still new and would love to share handy stuff I learnt!!

        Liked by 1 person

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