4 Things to do if You’re Single on Valentines Day!

Hey everyone!

So I don’t know if you celebrate Valentine’s day where you live, but in the UK, we do! So today I am going to be telling you some things you could do if you’re single on valintones day! Also a quick disclaimer, the photos i’m going to use are photos I have used before, I hope you don’t mind! Hope you enjoy!

IMG_2817Get together with you’re girl friends

In you are not going to be the only one of your friends alone on Valentines day, so get together with some of you’re best friends, have a great day shopping, baking or whatever you want to do! I promise it will be great fun!



Have a Relaxing BathIMG_2777

Let’s be honest, I can’t go a post without talking about lush or bath products! Haha! Anyway, having an amazing smelling bath, with loads of bubbles and Netflix, is all you could ever want!


Make Ice-Cream Sundaes

I absolute love making ice-cream sundaes, putting on all the different sauces, sprinkles and making it look pretty! If you haven’t made one before, go now!


Watch youtube or netfix … not really much to say about this one!


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