How to: Get Better Sleep!

Hello Everyone!

This is the 2nd post in my ‘how to’ series, I hope you’re enjoying this so far! Sleep is something we all love. If you’re anything like me, you take ages to fall asleep at night and it’s a pain to wake up every morning! Haha! Today’s post are tips on how to get better sleep and how to fall asleep quicker!

1. Turn off all iPads, phones, laptops a while before you go to sleep. In this crazy world of social media, it takes people ages to fall asleep because there are always going to be people awake posting a new photo. For the past few weeks, I have been turning off my screens about half an hour before I go to sleep, and it has really helped me sleep better! I usually read, plan a few blog posts, take some photos or just do some other random bits and bobs!


2. Have 3 decent sized (kind-of) healthy meals a day. Eating well doesn’t just help with your fitness, health and all that, it also helps your sleeping routine! I find if you have 3 nice meals a day, you aren’t craving food at night, which helps you get so sleep because you aren’t worrying about your stomach! Aha!

3. Drink a lot of water. Water reduces headaches and to be honest it’s really the same as the food point! I mean you are going to need a certain amount of water a day, so if you spread it out, you aren’t having to drink gallons of water before bed and then need a wee!


4. Go to bed positive. If you’ve had an argument with your partner or friend, never go to sleep without resolving it. First reason is that it makes you worry and stressed, if you’re any of those things, it is harder for your brain to switch off, because you are anxious about what might happen the next day with them. The other reason if that something might happen to either you or them over night, and you just want to be friends! I find if you’re struggling with stress or worrying about something, read some quotes before you go to bed, I find it takes your mind of what you have been thinking about.#


I hope you enjoyed this post, as you know I am not trained in these subjects but I just want to give you guys some tips about certain topics that I think will help you! I hope you enjoyed this, I loved thinking of ideas for this one and using them because I am so bad when it comes to sleep!

See you soon, love you!  Jess xx


15 thoughts on “How to: Get Better Sleep!

    1. It was really hard for me aswell! But planning blog posts, writing, reading, colouring are really nice things to relax you’re mind!


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