February Q&A

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to be doing my first Q&A! So a few weeks ago I asked you guys to ask me questions, and you had some really good ones for me so today I am going to be answering them for you! Anyway, lets get started!

Top on your bucket list? In life I really want to travel as many places as I can, meet lots of people and I also want to speak a foreign language quite well! I also would like some children some day so yeah!

Favourite Food? Okay, if you know me this one is obvious! PIZZA! I could eat it with anything! I also love baked beans (strange i know) and strawberries!

Any Siblings? Yep! :/ 3 younger sisters who can all be very annoying! Haha!

Dog person or a cat person? Definitely a dog person! I mean I love cats but I have my own dog, a black labrador called Teddy, and I just find they are more playful than cats! Also cats always seem to scratch me which is annoying!

What is your biggest dream in life?  I guess this is like one of the other questions but I really like it so I am going to include it anyway! So I would really like to carry on with my blog, even if it goes no where, I just have so much fun doing this! I would really like to help someone. Not like be a nurse, but I would like my experiences to be able to help another person! I am quite young at the minute, so I don’t really have that many experiences or stories yet, but I hope that sometime, I can help someone!

What inspired you to start a blog? To be honest, I have wanted to start a blog for ages, but I asked for a camera for Christmas so I kinda thought it would be a nice idea! I also love photography and writing so.. yeah! I just thought it would be fun to be honest.. and it is!

What makes you want to post/write something for your blog? I just look at other peoples really old blog posts and see what I could do to them to make them better, I also just love chatty posts! Like Q&A’s and reviews on products!

5 things you couldn’t live without? Bath and Body products, Friends and Family, Lip Balm, My Phone and Stationary

Favourite Book?  I love Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and Wonder! I also love Tanya Burr’s boo because it just has a chapter about everything! Beauty, hair, baking, happiness, just everything!

What are the best moments of your life? Probably when I went to DisneyLand Paris, it was just so fun because my cousin came and I don’t know.. I just loved it! Another favourite of mine was when me and my best friend had a joint party a Lush! Our closest friends at the time came (we’ve fallen out with one now) , and it was just so much fun! I loved it!


That was the end of todays post! I really enjoyed writing this, let me know if you want more of these in the future! Please answer one of these questions in the comments so I get to know a bit more about you!

Sorry that there was no photos for this post, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Please leave some questions down below if you want a March Q&A because I might do one of those! Also if you have Twitter you can tweet me your question… @9chocolatedrops

See you soon! Love you, Jess xxx


17 thoughts on “February Q&A

  1. Omg we’re literally twins! I love photography and writing as well and I have younger siblings too! AND I love Girl Online too! 😂 love this post so much! Okay so if you were trapped on an island and you could only bring one book with you, what would it be? Xxx


  2. My step mum loves baked beans too! she will literally put it on any meal! Roast Dinner? Yes. Spaghetti Bolognese? You bet cha! She’s baked beans mad! EVERYTHING is always drenched in baked beans it’s hillarious! xo


    1. Haha! I am not that obsessed, but I would just eat them out the can! Do you like then of do you just have to scrape them off everything?? haha xx


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