Cute Spring/Summer Hairstyles

Hey everyone!

So as you know, Spring and Summer are fast approaching, and we all know what that means… it’s not the season where you can just put a beanie on and it be okay! 😦 Anyway, jokes aside, you take loads of photos in spring and summer and you at least want your hair to look nice in them so today I am going to be showing you some really cute hairstyles for Spring and Summer! Enjoy xxx

So everyone wants their hair up and out of their face at some point when it’s hot, because you just want to cool down or even have a little swim in the sea! Or you might want your hair wavy or have some natural beachy waves! I hope you like the hairstyles and i’m pretty sure they will work on all hair types/lengths.




The hairstyles above are 2 dutch braids (my favourite ever hairstyle!) To make these you just do a simple french plait but instead of talking the sections of hair over, you take them under. If you don’t understand, just go onto YouTube and type in dutch braids and it will make more sense!

The style at the bottom is what I like to call a ‘doughnut bun!’ So for this you put your hair into a messy ponytail, get yourself a doughnut (not the kind you eat!) Pop it round the ponytail and wrap the hair around it and secure it with a hair band. Use the remaining hair and wrap it round and secure with some clips. Let me know it that made sense! Haha!

So that’s the 2 hairstyles I have done, but there have been loads of styles recently that I love and that I will be wearing loads when the sun comes out!


splitted fishtail braid: I have also been loving this hairstyle from Zoe (Zoella on Youtube) where she has these super cute fishtail braids but separated by little elastics. How you do this is you plait a really small fishtail about 1/4 way down your hair, then tie an elastic. You repeat this process all the way down your hair until you reach the bottom. I love how she has added a little flower crown, it really makes the style more girly and pretty. I just think this would work really well on medium-long hair and just is that bit different from the usual 2 fishtails!



I’m in love with Ashley Benson’s hair here, the loose curl/wave look. I think this style would really suit every hair length and just looks flawless. You don’t need a lot of equiptment for this style, you wouldn’t need a really expensive curling wand either! This style would just look good on anyone, but I think it would look better on people with not short hair but shorter hair!

I love this photo for two reasons, the first one is the hairstyle. I think a simple -not to high- ponytail just looks amazing! I love it when its a bit messier, like this one. It just suits everyone and perfect for when it’s hot outside and you just want your hair off your face! The other reason if the colour. I think the hair colour the person has got in this photo if amazing, I wanted to put this in here because some of you might be thinking about dying your hair but aren’t to sure if it will suit you. I personally think you should chat to your hairdresser, asking them if you think that colour will suit you, but don’t let them take over and make all the decisions for you!



4 Youtubers that have Great Hairstyles

Ways I get inspiration for my hair is from various youtube channels and Instagram!

Youtubers that have hair channels-Β 

Kayley Melissa


Beauty youtubers that just have great hair-


Tanya Burr

So I hope you liked this post, let me know if you have tried any of these styles, or if you are going to! Which one is your favourite?

Anyway, hope you liked this, see you soon! xxxx



46 thoughts on “Cute Spring/Summer Hairstyles

    1. No she doesn’t have a blog, but she likes to help me with mine sometimes! Haha! I have told her to get one but she won’t! Aww, thankyou so much, I bet you have lovely hair aswell! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love the hairstyles! I love doing french or dutch braids all the time as they are just really cute and easy to do, and then your hairstyle for the next day is sorted as when I take mine out, my hairs quite wavy! -Tash x


    1. Yes! That’s literally what I have got in right now! 2 french braids that I did after my shower this morning when my hair was wet so tomorrow my hairs gonna be nice and wavy! haha! Thankyou so much, I love the styles to.. which was your favourite> xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thankyou so much! The annoying thing about the colour is that it sometimes doesnt go with some brightly coloured clothed but oh well! I love your blog as well!


    1. My hair is really thin! Not super thin, you can see by the photo, but I have to really pull at them to get them a nice size! I used to be rubbish, just keep practicing babe, you’ll get there xx


  2. I really like pastel hair x I think it looks so pretty x I recently had mine cut an inch after my shoulders and I am not too sure how much I like it but I always put my hair in half up half down so this helped x
    Thanks x
    Daisy x


    1. Aw I bet it looks great! My hair used to be so long, but I have cut it to about am inch below my shoulders! I love pastel hair as well but I completely wouldn’t suit it! haha! Thankyou so much for reading sweetie! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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