February Half Term


So apologies in advance about how long this post is, but in the UK all schools have a week off around now, so I thought I would talk you through what I did everyday! I have taken lots of photos this week so I hope you like it!






It took ages to get ready on Monday, I had to wash, dry and straighten my hair (ugh!) Then I decided I didn’t want my hair straight so dutch braided it. Then I decided to put on some Mickey Mouse ears because… why not! I put on some concealer, mascara and lip balm.

So on Monday, my auntie, uncle and cousin, Emma, came down and we spent the day with them. Up until lunchtime, we just sat around doing nothing, then we thought we would go bowling. There was 8 of us bowling, and we had a little photo shoot when it wasn’t out go! I am so bad at bowling, I came second to last- oh well! I went swimming that night, then fell asleep straight away when I got home!



So on Tuesday we went to the beach and it was a lovely day! The sky was the bluest I’ve ever seen this year but it still was FREEZING! My hands practically froze off, so sorry about the photography here, I was just so cold! Haha! I took so many photos on Tuesday, but i’d like you all to see them! We also had fish and chips on the beach and it was amazing! We walked up the hill, and I took 4 photos from the different angles of the hill. It’s crazy how different the photos are!

Once we got back to the house, I watched some youtube videos and put some fake nails on. My cousin stayed round the night so.. yeah. We just spent the night watching movies and eating unhealthy food!








On Wednesday, I had a really nice breakfast, it sounds crazy but it was! I had crumpets (which I don’t really like) with strawberries and chocolate sauce! Okay, okay, I guess it wasn’t the healthiest, I know you shouldn’t have chocolate sauce for breakfast, but whatever! It’s the holidays! Aha!
I also had a bath, and I used the Zoella Tutti Frutti fizz bar and some of the candy mountain bubble bar for bubbles! It wasn’t the nicest bath I had ever had, but I needed to use up all my bath products, so yeah!
My cousin Emma left, and some of our other friends; Marie, Karl, Flo, Livvy and Martha came to see us. We walked the dog and it was really nice! I didn’t bring my camera because it had run out of battery, but it was ont of those nice sunny days, but cold?!!! Does that make sense? It felt really crisp and we walked about 2 miles.
Once they had left at about 3:30, we headed over to swimming and watched my sisters friend. I have to be at the pool for 2 hours before I swim, so this is when I write my blog posts or get homework done! Haha!




So there are photos for Thursday because we used this as our ‘chill out day!’ Basically we just stayed at home, eating junk food and watching movies… I feel like every holiday should have one of these!

To start off, I took my sister Flo to one of her friends horse stables for her to ride a horse (duh!!!) Turns out while we were there, my little sister Charlotte wanted a go, she was fine but at the last minute she fell off! I think she hurt her head a bit but nothing major.Than we took Teddy (my dog) for a walk down a nice country path near where we live. I went out and spend about 15 minutes trying to take photos of my guinea pigs and watching them eat hay!  You can only see 2 because the 3rd one, Pippin, just ran away from me when she saw the camera! Aha!

Then, that was the productive part of the day done and I spent the rest of it watching movies, writing blog posts and sending ugly snap chats to my friends! Be honest you do this as well!

These photos are from random days, I wanted to add them in because I love them, These are photos of my dog Teddy. 






So on Friday I went shopping with Lauren, but obviously I didn’t take my camera and take photos of all the shops, aha! So instead I took photos of how I got ready- minus the makeup! So I slept in plaits that night, so my hair was all curly on the morning, and it was!

But anyway, first I got dressed, I wore some shorts I brought from H&M last summer and a black and white striped long sleeved top I got from Primark a few weeks ago! It is in my January Haul! I wore some cute little ankle boots that I got from New Look in the sales, you might see them in a February haul!



Anyway, onto hair, I took out the messy plaits and ran through my wavy/frizzy hair with my fingers. I find if I use a brush, it just goes 10 times frizzier than it already is! Ha! Then I used a Babyliss Pro hair curling wand to add some more waves into the hair and make it look a bit nicer!




So I brought some nice stuff in the city, I am going to be doing a haul, so look forward to that! We had lunch at Ask Italian which was nice!


I hope you enjoyed this type of post, let me know if you want me to do more of them! What did you do this week, half term or not!?! Let me know in the comments, i’ll do my best to reply to all of them! Oh and also thankyou so so much for 30 followers! Love you all! xxxx






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