Haul! | February 2016


So last month I did a collective haul… and you all seemed to like it! So I thought I would so one for February because why not! I don’t know if I have as many things as last month, because I obviously I had my Christmas money, vouchers and the January Sales were on! But anyway, here’s what I got!

So to start off, I went into Boots and picked up a few bits. I didn’t spend to much money in here, but I love what I got!


I got this gorgeous MUA ‘Undress Me Too’ pallet and I love it! I haven’t used it yet because I only brought it today, but the swatches are amazing! The colours are all really pigmented… i’m going to be doing a review on this soon if you want me to, with close up colours and when I have used it a bit! This was £4 which I think is really good! IMG_3074


So the next thing is this Soap and Glory hand sanitizer. It’s not the most interesting thing in the world, but I am absolutely in love with the sugar crush scent, and it was only £2.50 and it has lasted me ages! Also everyone needs a hand gel, so why not get a nice one!


Finally from Boots, I picked up a concealer. I needed a new one, and everyone has raved about the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer so I thought I would give it a go. So far, it is the best! I love it and for £4.19 it is amazing! It lasts all day and is the perfect colour match for me, as well as covering everything perfectly!


Next I went into Primark! Now don’t judge me, but I think Primark lipsticks are quite good! I mean they always have different lovely colours in and they seem to stay on my lips really well and they are really moisturizing and nice to put on! Anyway, there was a lovely pinky nude colour and it looked amazing! It’s matte, so slightly more drying but that doesnt really matter!


So the last thing I picked up from Primark was some nails. I love the nails because they are only £1 and they have some really pretty designs and I just love them! But the only thing is, the glue is pretty bad but you can always find a better glue from somewhere like Boots/Superdrug! But i’m not complaining because they are only a pound!


Next I went to H&M and picked up these adorable fries necklaces for my and my best friend! I just thought they were so cute, but I don’t know if they are still available but I just love them so much!


Finally I went to Lush and picked this up… this is Think Pink but I think they have made it all Eastery because of their Easter collection! I love the scent of this, it smells like snow fairy I think, and I love the new style of it for Easter time!

I hope you enjoyed this post… have you brought anything this month? If so, what have you brought? Also, is their any drugstore make up you would like me to review because i’m thinking of doing them!

See you soon! Love you! Bye! xx



18 thoughts on “Haul! | February 2016

  1. I’m obsessed with the sugar crush scent! I have lots of the collection but I’m saving it for the summer as I think it will be amazing to use in the summer! Great post! -Tash x


    1. So am I! I want the body spray but I can never find it! I got loads of the mini buttercreams for christmas in sets and I have been saving them for summer! Good brains think alike i guess! 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I love them! The collection concealer is my new favourite! Thankyou for checking out my blog, I will to you when I have time! xxx


  2. I really like the fries necklace and it is making me so hungry and this is such a beautiful blog. I just promoted your blog if u want to see it go tohttp://katherinelife.weebly.com/other-cool-blogs.html
    You can also visit my blog katherinelife.weebly.com


    1. Aw… thankyou so much! I’ll definitely check out your blog.. you seem so sweet! The fries necklaces are probably my favourite thing! xx


  3. I think I might have to hunt down the Soap and Glory hand sanitiser! Its surprising what you can get when you have a good troll through the shops! Good going! 🙂


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