This Month| February

Hey! Today I’m back with another ‘This Month’ post, so I hope you enjoy! This post is going to be longer than last months one, because i’m adding a bit every time something good happens this month!


So as you might know, I am NOT a morning person! So when I got up one Tuesday morning, you know there has to be a good sunrise! Dad rang me up as he was heading to work, telling me to get out of bed and get outside and see the sunrise! Reluctantly, I did, because there are loads of trees near where I live so I would have to go outside, and it was beautiful! I’m pretty pleased with the result of the photos!


Throughout February, I have been trying to drink more water and stay a little tidier. The drinking water bit has been okay, the tidy bit… well… aha! I have had a little cup of water on my desk at all times, and I have been making sure I always have a drink at school! I would really recommend drinking more water, because recently my skin has been better and it’s a lot easier to sleep and I have been getting less headaches!


During February, I have been feeling a lot more positive, getting out of bed earlier, being nicer to members of my family I don’t really know very well, and I have been nicer to a lot of people at school (I think aha!) Also I have become closer friends with some other people that I haven’t been so close to before, it’s just really nice!


Also this month, I have been painting my nails a lot, as you might have seen from my Products I know I’m Going to Love Throughout Spring I can’t wear nail polish at school, but at the weekends, I have been using lots of different colours. You can see what colours I have used in that post. I have also brought lots of beauty/make-uppy bits.


I have brought the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Babylips, some Simple Moisturizer (which I have been really loving) and I have brought some new lush stuff, I’m not going to tell you which because I might be doing a Lush haul! Or a Collective Haul and talk about the other products in a bit more detail, which one do you want? Let me know!

Get a Snorkel- Quote of the Month So the quote for this month is ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ . Now I don’t really know if this is a quote, but it has really applied for this month. I have heard some things this month about my auntie (who has passed away) and she went through a lot. I am not going to go into any detail, but she kept a diary and from what I’ve heard she has been really upset, poorly and she had no one to talk to. If I could turn back time now, I would have spent a lot of time with her, and mad her feel lie she could talk to me and… yeah. Also I have had issues with a “friend” this month, who really hasn’t been nice to me ever since I met her, so if I could turn back time I wouldn’t have become friends with her, well not at least best friends.

Chocolatedrops banner Feb 2016

Favorite Things In February

  1. Finding new bloggers
  2. The Zoella Beauty Solid Fragrance!
  3. Fish and Chips
  4. Vaseline
  5. YouTubers- Meg Says and Floral Princess
  6. My guinea pigs! I love cuddling them, as well as just watching them eat.. is that weird? Their nose is just so cute!!
  7. I have been loving Instagram this month, I have been loving what all my photos have been looking like recently!



As I said… this was going to me a longer post than last month! In the comments let me know if you want a lush haul or a collective haul… and what you would do if you could turn back time… I would love to have a little chat with you guys!

Love you all! Jess x



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