Dear Future Me….


So I am going to be doing a Dear Future Me tag/thing, I just thought it would be a fun idea and even though I wasn’t tagged, rosypop said I could do it, go and check out her blog, it’s amazing! Anyway, I tag YOU, if you’re reading this and you want to do this tag you can! Lets get onto the post!

Dear Future Me… 

So I don’t know if you will be reading this, because you are probably to busy to look back on your old posts, but If you are, hi! This comes from 2016 Jess, and she’s probably really stupid and making loads of spelling mistakes! But oh well, haha! So at the minute, I am ill and sitting on my desk, getting blinded by the sun and eating to much food! But I eat to much food anyway, so there’s no change there! If you’re reading this and you are on some stupid diet.. why!?!?!?!? Just remember you only live once and you don’t want to spend it eating lettuce, eat cake, cookies and chocolate!

So I hope you don’t have the really annoying Mr E for History anymore and you have some half decent teacher but even if you do you won’t love History! Or at least you don’t hate the lessons and you can go for a pee when you need one! (Long Story.)

Also are you friends with the Devil, you better not be young lady, remember how she hurt you! If you are it’s not gonna be pretty. Jessie from the past will be after you! Haha! 

I also hope Pretty Little Liars is on TV still, if it isn’t what are you doing with your time now!? If it’s not and you can’t remember what it is, go and watch the episodes because knowing you, you will have forgotten what has happened! Haha!

So at the minute, I am Dmming Raspberry (Evie aka my favourite little person) and eating chocolate… living the life! So I hope you enjoyed this letter -if it’s possible to enjoy a letter- and now i’m gonna ask you some questions, well i’m gonna try!

  • Have you been to DisneyLand Florida yet?!
  • Are you still addicted to Lush and Soap and Glory??
  • If you haven’t had one in a long time… you need to get a pretzel with cinnamon sugar!
  •  Have you got a boyfriend yet? Aha unlikely, but if you do he better be nice (and look after you like Caleb -PLL reference-)

Anyway Jess, remember you need to go shopping soon, you probably went yesterday, but you can never have to many shopping trips! 

** Oh and in other news, I just uploaded an Instagram photo of the clouds… yes i know, it’s amazing! 

See you soon, 

Bye! (2016 Jess)


20 thoughts on “Dear Future Me….

  1. Ofcourse he better LOOK like Caleb and BE like Caleb. Oh god, where will we find our own Caleb’s, there’s only 7 similar looking people in the world.
    Love your letter. I might do this sometime if you dont mind 🙂


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