What’s In My Schoolbag

Hey guys!

So today’s post is a collab! Basically ever since I started my blog, there has been one girl who has been so supportive and yeah! You should go and check out her blog, its amazing! Bethany, her blog SecretlyBethany just is so.. i don’t know the word, just go and check her out! Anyway, here’s what’s in my schoolbag!


So this is my bag, it’s from Accessorize in the end of summer sale (so you can’t get it now) but I love it! So it’s kinda dark green/blue with white dots which I think look like paint splatters but you can think what you want, haha! I also love the shape because it is kinds square so it firs all your books, folders and everything in nicely! It has the backpack straps which I use sometimes, but it also has handbag ish handles- you can kinda see it here but I just find the handbag ones really easy if you are rushing to class. As you can see, it has a big front pocket at the front (obviously!) I’m going to show you what’s in that first 🙂


So in here is all my beauty stuff! Nothing else apart from maybe pieces of paper of letters I have forgotten to give mum. I keep it all in this Zoella Beauty coin purse, the blue one with the white collar on.. as you can see, haha! So in here I have Soothers because I mean you need them! I also have a next solid fragrance just in case I lose my other one, which surprise surprise is the Zoella Beauty Blissful Missful one! I use this after PE and just to top up throughout the day. So as you can see, I have 2 BabyLips, not gonna lie, I don’t really use these much, because I usually keep one in my jacket but they’re nice to have! So I have the original Peach Kiss and the dr rescue Coral Crave. I also keep a hand sanitizer, as you know the sugar crush scent is one of my favourites, so I have that one obviously! I also have a nail file for obvious reasons…


So I also have my school planner to keep track of homework and stuff, I decorated the back with everything PLL because every thing looks nicer in color! Also I find having that on the back there keeps you motivated throughout the day, so if you have a puppy, you might want to put the puppy’s name on the back of your planner. 🙂


This is probably one if my favorite things in my bag… my sharpie pencil case! So as you probably know, this pencil case is part of Jim Chapman’s James and Friends stationary range/collection. In here is all my sharpies and felt tip pens.


So another pencil case! In here I just have all the boring stationary, writing pens, pencils, ruler, maths equiptment you know all that stuff. This pencil case is from a little shop called Blott, I love this because it is so big and it can fit loads inside, but also it just looks really pretty!


So in a school bag you need to have books, the ones I have here are my History, Geography, Maths, French and Spanish.


And the final thing in my bag is a set of 25ish Stabilo fineliners. I love all the colors in this, but I don’t know where you can get this! I got mine for Christmas off a friend so I don’t know!

So I hope you enjoyed this post, remember to check out SecretlyBethany’s post to see what she has in her bag! Remember to like this and I would love to know what your favourite thing in yous bag is!

Oh and also, if you want to do a collab with me, or just want to have a chat, I have a blog Twitter account which is @9chocolatedrops if you wanna come say hi! I alos have an email, but DM me on Twitter if you can!

See you soon! Jess x



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