My Favourite Quotes 2


So a lot of you loved the first one of ‘my favourite quotes’ series, so I thought I would do another one! Also let me know in the comments if you like this and what your favourite quotes are! Enjoy!

So I kinda like this quote, but the thing I love more is the background photo. I love the kinda greyish effect and all the buildings and the floating piano’s. I think this relates to a lot of people because I know I love music and a lot of people do! Also I am thinking of doing a ‘my favourite songs’ post, so let me know if you would like to see this in the comments! Anyway, listening to music lifts a persons mood and I guess lets them escape?! But I just love music! I have a feeling I went into a bit of a rant there, but whatever!


So I recently posted this one on my Instagram and I love it! It perfectly describes me.. I mean everyone loves food?? Anyway, I think it is one of those funny things.. it’s not exactly a quote, but I love it anyways! I know you can get those tops with like definitions of things on, to be honest I would love one with this on! Imagine walking in the city with HANGRY written on your top, I love it! Haha!


This one’s true… there are many horrible people in this world, and for us all to be that bit kinder would make a really big difference. Like think about it, there are around 7 billion people but 800ish million people don’t get food a year. That’s 800,000,00 people tht go hungry, some of them children. And then there are people in other countries who throw buckets and buckets of food away a week. So we all need to be a bit kinder. Wow that got deep quickly!

So that’s the end of this quote post, I have a feeling it had a bit of everything in there! Let me know what posts you wanna see, of you would want a part 3 and if you would want a playlist post!

Anyway, love you all!



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