Travel Bucket List

Hey everyone!

So a few posts ago, I asked you all what posts you would want to see, and you all had some great ideas! This was one of my favorites tho… 50shad3s0fjay suggested a Travel Buckey List… I have already done a Summer Bucket list but I loved this idea and I really wanted to write a chatty post!

Disneyworld Florida So I have been to the Paris DisneyLand loads but I have never been to the Florida one! So I love travelling and I think it would be really fun to go here with maybe 2 of my friends that love all the same rides as I do, and we could go round eating and laughing! I would love to go when it’s hot and stay in the special Disney hotel…I might be getting a bit over myself but oh well! Oh and I would also my future husband to propose right in front of the Disney hotel and hire a photographer to take a lovely photo… I would love that!

New York at Christmas Again, I have always wanted to go shopping in New York, but especially at Christmas time. Everyone would be in such a good mood and there would be pretty fairylights and all the lovely window displays in the shops! I just think it would be magical and even though it would be busy, I think because everyone would be so happy, it wouldn’t matter!

Australia/New Zealand Preferably New Zealand because… I don’t know! But because I like in the UK, that side of the world is not a part I have ever been close to seeing and it looks so nice in photos! So everything just looks really chilled out and imagine having a really hot December! It’s something about that that just doesn’t quite click in my mind, I don’t know why but it just doesn’t!

Maldives So I don’t know if any of you have been to the Maldives, but it is stunning! I can’t really say much but here are some photos… it looks amazing! 

Greece Again, there seem to be some lovely beaches in Greece, I think it would be so nice to just sit by the pool or the beach or something, in the hot weather with my camera, a book or something!

Italy Okay okay, if you really know me, you will know pizza is the best thing every that has happened to this world. I love it. So it would seem a bit ridiculous to not go to the home of pizza, right?! Also Italy looks so nice, there seems so be loads of little villages/towns to explore, and I think it would be one of those super relaxing holidays but you actually do something everyday rather than sit by a pool and read!

Amsterdam I don’t know if you have watched The Fault in out Stars, but there is a part in that movie where they go to Amsterdam. Also if you haven’t watched the movie, you should, it’s amazing! Anyway, so it looked really nice in the film,with the river and stuff, so I went onto google images and there is a massive river that runs through the city, where you can have boat rides and everything, I think that break would be like Italy, relaxing but you are actually making the most of the place.

Spain I have already been to Spain so I guess this doesn’t count, but not for ages! I can’t really remember it that much, but I would love to check out Spanish cities and beaches and everything so yeah!

*I know I live in England but here are some of the places I would love to go here*

Brighton There’s probably no surprise that this is on my list, to be honest it looks like my dream town, the never ending beach, the gorgeous pier, the shops and the little independent cafes and shops, you never know what you could find in them! I have heard there are some little gems in Brighton!

Isle of Wight Again, like Spain, I have been here before, but I wanna go again! So when we went to the Isle of Wight, I was so little I cannot remember a thing! But what I do remember that is was one of my favourite holidays when I was younger!

So that was the end to my Travel Bucket List, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in my next one! Also if you wanna do this, please do because I would love to see what you lot would put on it and where you would choose to go!

Love you all!


22 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List

  1. I loved this and I love how you included places in the UK too, good idea! I’m going to upload my travel bucket list soon and you will think im copying you because i too want to go to amsterdam, italy, the maldives and florida! Have you got any plans to go on holiday any time soon?


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