Current Beauty Favourites|March 2016


So I don’t think I have done a favourites video in ages! So today I am doing one… for all the things I have been loving at the minute! Also this might be quite a rambly post, let me know if you like it or not! Also I hope you are having a nice day, let me know how it’s going in the comments! So lets get started!

IMG_3203 So I have a feeling I might have mentioned this before… But I have been recently loving this body mist perfume thing from Next. Now as you all probably know, I have been wearing the Zoella Beauty Blissful Missful body fragrance for ages and I thought it was time for a change. I found this laying in my room from when I had brought is ages ago and I love the smell! So it’s quite a fresh scent and I find it lasts all day, it is amazing! As you put it on it is like fairy dust and wakes you up! It is £5 and called ‘Azure’. This comes in a massive bottle and lasts for ages!

IMG_3215 (1)I again think I have mentioned this… also excuse my gross nails! So this is the Fairy Dust powder from Lush, I don’t think many people know about this?! Basically I find it’s a powder perfume and i just put a little bit in my hands and dust it over myself! This smells like snow fairy, I believe you can get others in different scents but I loved this! I also think this would look really cute in your hair if you were going to a festival or something!

IMG_3205Moving on to makeup… I am going to do it in the order you put it on your face because that would be easier! Firstly I have been loving the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer because it is just amazing! It is one of the only concealers I have found that really matches my skin, it covers all under eye bags/dark circles and all blemishes! It is super pigmented and creamy, it blends really well into your skin and looks flawless! This concealer is like £4 so go and buy it, it is so worth it!

IMG_3210Next I am going to talk about this blush. I have never been a blush person, until I found this! So this is the MUA Mosaic Blush in the shade ‘English Rose’ or shade 3. As you can see it has 6/7 different colours in it and all together it makes the prettiest colour ever! This blush is super pigmented and creates a lovely natural look on your skin. All for £2.50! To be honest I think MUA products are so good for the price, they are so pigmented and stay on all day! I love it!

So next is probably my favourite favourite. It is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss stick/lip shine in the shade Pinkfetti. This looks matte when you look at it, but as you apply the product to your lips, it turns into a really lovely moisturizing gloss. I have a feeling LucyandLydia and Gabbie have talked about these before in their videos, but I love them! Also these are £3.50 each which is amazing! Like you can but 2 of these for the price of like 1 Barry M lipstick or something!

IMG_3216Keeping on the theme of Soap and Glory, I have been LOVING the Sugar Crush range! So as it is coming into Spring and Summer I have been reaching more for the fresh sprays and body products, and this is an amazing range! So I actually don’t have the shower gels, I used them up, but I have 3 mini body butter creams that I like to apply after a bath/shower. I also have the hand sanitizer that I keep in my pencil case for school.

IMG_3213 My final beauty product is this Tanya Burr nail polish in ‘Fairytale.’ So this is a lovely pink glitter that is so easy to apply and dries easily! So this was from her old range, I don’t know if she does one like this in her new range for you to have.. go and check out feel unique to see!

So that was the end of today’s post, hope you enjoyed! | Love you all x


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