Happiest Memories and Favourite Hairstyles? | Q&A

Hey everyone!

So I am back with another Q&A! I asked you lot to ask me some questions on my other Q&A and I am going to answer them today! I got a lot of questions so let’s get started!

What country do you really want to visit? I did a whole blog post on what countries I want to visit, check it out here!

If you could have dinner with 3 famous people who would they be and why? Ooh, probably Taylor Swift because I love her voice so much and I could just get her to sing whenever I wanted! Haha! The second one would be Zoe Sugg because she seems so happy and I really want to meet her! The last person would be Lucy Hale because she is stunning and I would want to ask her what it’s like to work on PLL and everything! (If I could have 4 people the last one would be Caleb, I don’t care is he’s not a real person!)

What is one of your most happiest memories? Okay so it has to be only one?!?! I have so many! Okay so one would probably be when I went round my best friend Evies house and we went into the city! It was raining and we were walking up a hill and she said one of the funniest things ever! I would say it here but none of you would get it! Haha!

What are your pet peeves? When a knife scrapes across a plate or people who can’t take jokes.

What is your favourite colour themes? Okay so I might be moving rooms sometime soon and I want it kinda mint, copper and white?! So I guess them but I love vibrant themes on Instagram!

Candy or Chocolate? Chocolate!

What are your favourite hairstyles that you wear? I love 2 dutch braids but I also love having straight hair with the ends curled slightly!

Dogs or cats? Dogs!

What are your hobbies? Swimming, swimming, swimming!

What book do you wish you had written? Umm… I don’t know!

Okay that’s the end of this Q&A I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave me some questions in the comments below for my next Q&A!

See you soon! | Love you loads!


14 thoughts on “Happiest Memories and Favourite Hairstyles? | Q&A

  1. Love the post!! I would honestly invite the same three people to dinner! If Caleb was in the same room as me I think I would pass out…:) And OMG meeting Taylor would just be the most amazing moment of my life! Stay sweet xx


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