Quick and Easy Outfits | Outfits I Love!


So today’s post is different to anything I have ever done on this blog before and it’s all about fashion/outfits! I am going to be showing you some of my favourite outfits I have seen girls wearing as I have been on the internet and some super quick and easy outfits that you can make look so much different! I hope you like this post and lets get started! Also none of the photos are my own.

So this outfit I think is prefect for spring! I mean if where you are is is hotter, stick with the sandals! But where I am I would probably wear some little pumps/converse. I love the scarf as it adds a gorgeous pop of colour for spring, but I am not a massive fan of scarfs so…

Love the style of the top! High waisted shorts are the only things I ever wear!
It’s these exact shorts! Is you wanna get them, click here! 

I love how simple this outfit is! I think all these pieces could be picked up from any highstreet store at the minute, the denim style shirt looks really cute with the skater skirt! But what I really love about this which is so easy to do, is the belt. The belt just seems to tie it all together and really goes with the blue colour of the shirt.





Style Board (Celebrities)

So that’s it for todays post! Let me know if you would like another one of these, I loved making it!

See you soon! | Love you! x





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