Random Q&A! |5 Questions


So I am going to be doing another Q&A! I know I did one of these a few weeks ago but I love them and I love reading them! So that’s enough rambling… let’s get started!


WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE SEASON? Probably Autumn because you are getting all excited for Christmas, there are still some lovely hot days and you get hot chocolates! Everything about Autumn is so nice, oh and the colours! I love autumnal colours!

IF YOU COULD LEAVE TOMORROW, WHERE WOULD YOU GO AND WHO WITH? Ooh i’d probably pick somewhere far away, like New York with my best friend Evie and we could just shop for hours and hours!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE TV SHOW? Ummm…… PLLLLLLLLLLL! IT IS THE BEST SHOW EVERRRRRRRRR! (Although I am watching Gossip Girl at the minute, I love it but PLL is on another level)

IS THERE ANYONE YOU MISS? Not right this minute…

WHO ARE YOUR FAVOURITE BLOGGERS AT THE MINUTE? Probably Rubyscadence and MisseryBlog because they are both so lovely and have so many lovely blog post ideas…. but you probably don’t realise but I follow all of you guys and read all your amazing posts!


Okay that’s it for today’s post, I know it was really short, i’m sorry! Also please leave questions below for my next q&a but please could you make them like ‘whats your favourite…’ if you get that!

Anyway, hope you liked this little post, the more questions you leave below the longer the next q&a will be!

See you tomorrow! Love you!

Also I posted another thing today, check it out!



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