3 Random Products You NEED To Try!

Hey Everyone!

So I know the title says ‘products’ but today’s post is 3 random beauty things you need to try! I hope you enjoy this and manage to find some of these! Let me know your 3 favourite random things we all need to try in the comments below! Let’s get started!


So the first on is this Mason Jar Candle which is so cute! It is quite small but smells amazing! I haven’t burned this yet because I don’t want to use it all up and it still smells if I leave it in my room with the lid off… so I tend to just do that! This smells like a tropical kinda smoothie…??! And I love it!



Sorry about the quality! x


IMG_3345So the next one is a lip balm that I have been really loving recently! I know the point or a lip balm is for it to moisturize your lips… but I don’t think this really does that… but it helps all my other balms I use! Well mainly Vaseline aha! But it tastes really nice and smells amazing!

IMG_3346So um..I totally didn’t buy this because my name is Jess…..?!!!! (I did!) To be honest I thought this would be really bad, I don’t know why, but it really isn’t! I love how this looks on my nails because it isn’t completely clear so I know I have something on there! It says on the bottle it’s a basecoat, but I use it for school because you know, when you aren’t allowed to wear coloured polish this is the next best! haha!


I hope you liked this random little post, I am trying to post everyday so let me know if you like it!

Anyway, see you soon! Love you! x


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