(Very) Chatty Lush Collection!


So I don’t know if you do, but if you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know I have a massive obsession with lush! I kinda get a but excited whenever I go in there and end up spending more money than I have to spend!

Anyway, today I thought it would be a nice idea to show you what’s in my current collection because as you know, it changes a lot as I use up the products!

Also I just want to ask.. how are you? I never seem to ask that so I thought I would today! As i’m writing this I am really good, and as you are reading this it’s a Friday! Leave your honest feelings right now in the comments and we can chat!

That’s enough rambling for the intro, lets get started!


So to start off with, I keep my lush in this gold metal wire basket thing which was from Next for £8 I believe! I love it and it keeps all my products in so nicely and they look so pretty in you room/bathroom! Also I know this photo is really old I just thought it showed the basket nicely!


At the front of the basket, I have the 2 shower jellies and the facemask I am using right now. So there is the Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly which is from the christmas range and it smells like the So White bath bomb (sweet apple) and it is so nice! The other one I have is from the Easter/Spring collection and it is the Bouncy Bunny! He is super cute and smells like chocolate orange which it the nicest thing ever!

And finally for that section I have a really old Cupcake Facemask! This facemask is so good for oily skin and calms my breakouts which I love! The only thing with this is it goes dry so quickly and it’s so annoying!



Okay now into the basket…

So I have a few bath bombs from the Christmas Range still, so i’ll show you those first!


This one is called Stardust and is like £2.95 (I think) from obviously the Christmas Range… it is supposed to be just plain white but as it has been sitting in the bottom of a basket that is filled with colour, some of the dust has rubbed off on it. I kinda like the smell, I can’t work out what it smells like though! It is really nice but the only reason I don’t really wanna use it is because it leaves no colour in the bath and it would be really boring! I might have to use it with a really colourful bubble bar or with another bath bomb! Or I could just give this to my sister…





These next two are the bubble bar and melt I have left over from Christmas. On the right it’s the Peeping Santa bubble bar and I love the smell of this! It just smells “clean” and because on the run up to Christmas I used this most nights, this reminds me of Christmas! And on the right its… I can’t remember the name! An angel bath melt which has gold glitter around the outside! I don’t really like bath melts that much so I haven’t used it!

Snapchat-6286303095884808495The final one from the Christmas range I have is this Santa head… I for some reason had loads of these at Christmas and I just have this left! Anyway, onto the non Christmas bath products!







The first two bath bombs I have to show you are these! On the right is the experimenter which any kind of Lush fan has heard of! It had like 6 different colours and it’s amazing in the bath! I love it even though I am not 100% sure on the smell.. but it will do! Also after a while it goes a kinda brown colour, but at least that makes me get out of the bath finally! Aha! On the right is Fizzbanger, I love this, it smells citrusy and so nice! As you look at it, it’s yellow but in the middle there’s a gorgeous blue colour which turns your bath a teal colour! I love it!

These are the only other 2 bathbombs! I wanted to do this post when my collection was quite small because if not no one would be able to read it! So in the left it’s one of he easter bath bombs… I think it’s called Fluffy Egg and it smells like snow fairy to me! I have never had this before, I didn’t seem to see it last year! Anyway on the right is one of my favourite evers and it is Twilight! It turns the water pink and purple and so nice! I love it so much!

I only have 2 bubble bars at the minute! Well I have the comforter obviously but it looks gross! Anyway here’s Ultraviolet and I love this because it is so many colours and smells like parma violets! You can get so many uses out of this because it is so big and every bath is going to be different because theres loads of colours! Then theres one I can’t remember the name of but it is smaller than Ultraviolet and has a little flower! This smells quite florally to me and I have a feeling you could get 3-4 uses out of this!

So that is the end of the longest post I have ever written! If you have got this far, comment Ultraviolet is the best! And I can see who got this far! Hope you enjoyed this, see you soon!

Oh and also did you notice anything different about the quality?

Love you! Bye! xx



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