Just Type… | Why I Started Blogging And More!


Hey guys!

So I had no idea what to do for todays post, so I thought I would just sit here and chat to you! Well kinda! So I usually have an idea for my posts, and a list of things I am going to mention, but today I have none! I am also not going to edit this, so IF I RANDOMLY GO INTO CAPITALS it doesn’t matter! And if I make some spelling mistakes… sorry!


So I went onto my blog followers the other day and I have 87 followers! I literally have no idea how that’s happened… 13 away from 100! That’s insane to me because  I started this as a thing I enjoy, I mean I ave always liked writing and I just thought this would be a nice idea! But nearly 100 people reading these… it probably doesn’t sound a lot to some of you but it means so much to me! Everytime you comment and stuff and like my posts it makes my day, honestly it does!

Anyway, I have just logged into YouTube and I have seen the SacconeJoly’s have uploaded a really exciting video! Wait a minute I will be back! Wow, this is a great start to this post haha! (1o minutes later) Oh. My. Gosh. ANNA AND JONATHAN ARE HAVING A BABY! I can’t tell you how happy I am for them, I know they have wanted a third child for ages! Aw… and the video was so cute I loved it! If you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it, it’s so cute!

I wanna ask you all, do you guys like chatty posts or non chatty posts? Cause I love writing chatty posts and you guys all seem to like them, but then again you all seem to love when I do like a photography post! But I don’t know! What would you choose?

I kinda feel like I never as you many questions on this blog… so how are you? I am good, I have just posted a Lush Collection which I think is my chattiest post so far! But you know, I talk to much when it comes to Lush! But you all seem to really like it, which is making me so happy! I love it when you all give me nice comments about one of my posts, and a lot of the time, you all do! I don’t really get much hate on here at all, and if I do, I delete it!

Also whenever I ask you guys for Q&A questions, one of you all seem to ask the same question which is… Why Did You Start Blogging?

So I thought I would answer that now when I have done no thinking about what I am going to say! Okay let’s get started..

I mentioned earlier that I do blogging because I really enjoy it and it’s true! I ave always loved writing and when I first stumbled across WordPress in January, I was such a noob! I had no idea how to work anything and it all felt really strange to me! But now I could work this with my eyes shut! I find it so easy to use and I love everyone here! I never expected people to read this and enjoy it, but they do and I love all of you more than you will ever know!

I just kinda thought this was a cool way to put my opinions/feelings about certain things into the interweb and for people to read! I enjoy photography and writing and just everything to do with this!

So on that note, I hope you enjoyed this, I loved having a one way chat with you all! Leave me a response to this in the comments and we can have a proper little chat!

Anyway, love you all! Bye! x


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