Who’s it gonna be? | Chocolateaward

Hey guys!

So this post is so exciting! So a few days ago I told you all about the new award I am starting “ChocolateAward” and you all seemed to love the idea! I haven’t had a proper look at everyone right this second but I know which blogger is going to be getting the first award!

Ruby is such a lovely blogger, find her blog here! She posts regularly, and all her posts are amazing quality and so nice to read! She does posts for everyone, well mainly revolving around beauty and lifestyle, but I bet you could find something on there for you!

She is such a lovely person, always replies to your comments and likes your own posts. her blog was one of the first ones I followed when I started this crazy adventure in January, and her blog has never failed to disappoint me!

Basically you need to go and follow her blog, RubysCadence because you will fall in love with her personality like I have!

To Ruby, 

Thankyou for making your blog such a lovely, happy place! I have watched you grow and it has been so nice to see! All your blog posts have always been the best quality ever, and you are so lovely to every single one of your readers, replying to their always lovely comments and liking and commenting on their own posts! When I thought of who I should give this to first, there were 3 people but I have known you for longer and you just seemed like the right person! I hope you now know how much your blog is appreciated and how much I love you! 

I wish I could give her some actual chocolate, but this virtual chocolateaward is the next best thing!

So that was the end of this ChocolateAward! If you want to win the next award… which will be in a few weeks… then this is all you have to do!

chocolateawardSo you have to be active on your own blog, posting happy positive content that people would like to read! Then you have to be active on my own blog liking and commenting on my posts… and the only other thing you have to do is reply to all your readers when they comment on your blog!

So that’s all you have to do! I will be checking and yeah!

Oh and also, I had 2 other people I was going to give the first award to, but I decided to give it to Ruby.. I have a feeling the bloggers know who they are! Oh and also, those two bloggers might be getting the award next time so don’t be disspointed!

But then again, any of you guys will get the award if you do the things above!

See you all tomorrow! Love you! xx


35 thoughts on “Who’s it gonna be? | Chocolateaward

  1. I completely agree that Ruby is your first award winner, her blog is great! I love your idea of a chocolate award, I would never be able to come up with something like that! I’m looking forward to reading the rest to find out about more awesome bloggers! x

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  2. THE PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET ARE NICER THAN IN REAL LIFE! Thank you sooooo much, you actually have no idea how much this means to me. I have loved watching you grow as a blogger and I am loving your regular posting at the moment! It astonishes me that I am someone’s favourite on here. You are one of my favourites and I am really happy that I was the first to win this award. Maybe if we meet some day I can get that chocolate 😋 xxxx

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    1. I KNOW! INTERNET PEOPLE ARE SO NICE! Well you are a lot of peoples favourites, I don’t think you realize how amazing your blog is! Aw.. that’s so cute! I have loved watching your blog grow as well, for some reason at the minute, your posts have been such good quality at the minute! I have been trying to up my blog quality at the minute.. I don’t know if it’s working! You will definitely get that chocolate, even if I have to post it to you! 😉 xxxx

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