Stuck for posts? | 30 Blog ideas for beauty blogs


So about a week ago I posted something for you guys if you had bloggers block, that didn’t matter what blog you had! But now, I am doing one for all you beauty bloggers out there or people who like writing about beauty but don’t know what! If you haven’t seen my other post, or you want more ideas click here! But read this one first! Aha!

  1. Beauty youtubers you have been loving
  2. How to start a beauty blog
  3. Favourite beauty bloggers
  4. Beauty life hacks
  5. Beauty vloggers life expectation/reality
  6. Why you are beautiful
  7. New in beauty products
  8. What is beauty?
  9. Skincare routine
  10. Recreating a celebrities look


  1. Beauty favourites
  2. Favourite lipsticks
  3. Products you regret buying
  4. First impressions
  5. Make up before and after
  6. Quick and easy make up tutorials
  7. Eye shadow look
  8. Make up tips
  9. Cheap make up worth the price
  10. High end make up worth the price


  1. Quick and easy hairstyles
  2. Bath and body favourites
  3. Boots/superdrug Haul
  4. High End Haul
  5. Make Up Collection
  6. Favourite highstreet shops
  7. What’s in the shops at the minute
  8. Trying out Primark Beauty
  9. Trying out Lush makeup
  10. One brand make up look


That’s the end of today’s post! Do you want more of these posts? Cause I love making posts like this and then seeing you guys write them!

If you do let me know what categorys!

See you tomorrow! Love you! xx



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