3 Little Things That Make You Smile


So today I am going to be doing a 3 Things that should make you smile post because everyone deserves to smile! I hope this post makes you smile… and if you so some of the things on it it makes you happy! I have tried to include a mixture of things you can do at home or if you are out!

Making Smoothies

I don’t even know why, but making a nice smoothie just makes me happy, does that sound weird? Especially if you are with a friend and you pick all the fruits together and.. okay I realize I sound like the strangest person in the world!

Watching Youtube

I mean this one is pretty bog standard, like anyone can do it! I mean if you are reading this, just go onto youtube and type up what you want! If you want some ideas of who to watch, then just search on my blog Youtubers You Must Watch and it will come up!

Shopping with your Friends!IMG_3056

Again, all you need for this one is some friends/family and a bit of money! Only if it’s £10 you still can have a nice time going round the shops! Me and my friends have this thing we do, so we do into New Look near us and pick a category. So like if it’s night out, we pick clothes for the other person for that category! Oh and if you like the item, you can buy it but most of the time it’s just ridiculous!

So that’s the end of today’s post, I hope you enjoy it! Sorry it’s a bit short but I am really running out of things to post at the minute because I have been posting so much! Please leave anything you want to see me post in the comments and I will probably be doing it soon!

See you all soon! Love you!




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