How?!?! | 100 Followers!!!


Okay I can’t even type a calm introduction because I have just logged onto my laptop and I HAVE HIT 100 FOLLOWERS!

This is so crazy for me because I only started my blog 4 months ago and already 100 of you have pressed the follow button! That’s crazy! I can’t believe that! I know that a lot of you reading this have so many more but this is such a crazy achievement for me and I love every single one of you guys!

So I wanna start doing posts you guys enjoy reading so leave what your favourite post of mine is in the comments below!

Love you SO SO much!



55 thoughts on “How?!?! | 100 Followers!!!

  1. Oh my god congratulations you deserve it. Also I personally tend to enjoy the posts where you ramble and just talk with lots of spelling mistakes. I know specific.

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      1. Exactly that’s why I love them because I feel as if you’re talking to me and I read them in a certain voice. I know I’m very strange


      2. Good to see I’m not alone. Well keep on killing it like you’re doing and I look forward to anything you do x


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