Current Favourite Youtubers

Hey everyone!

So a few of you have been asking for a ‘Current Favourite Youtubers’ post, so today I am going to be doing one! I don’t know how many people I am going to mention, but I am gonna be telling you about the ones I have been loving!

Fabulous Hannah

Hannah is probably the youtuber at the minute that uploads videos that I love every single one of! She is naturally very funny and she is just amazing! I love her!

Her videos are kinda beauty related but I would say just more lifestyle, don’t expect her videos to be all beauty related.. so the last 2 weeks she has uploaded a baking video and the TMI tag!

Go and check her out, I promise you will love her!


At the minute I think Rachel is killing it! Her videos are all so well edited at the minute and her ideas are all so original… I love her!

So in the last few weeks Rachel has uploaded Disney Princess Carpool Ride, a Makeup Evolution and loads more! I would say Rachel uploads twice a week and if you follow her in snapchat, you will see how hard she works!


Quisha Rose

Quisha uploads short and sweet videos, never usually more than 10 minutes, but I love them! She uploads regularly and again, all her videos are really nice quality!

She is more my age aswell which is always really nice because I don’t know about you guys but I love watching people’s videos who are closer to my age! And because Quisha lives in Norfolk as well it’s really nice!



So you all probably know Joe Sugg, I love watching his videos! But at the minute I have been loving his vlogs… admittedly, I haven’t watched every single day but I have been watching more!

Joe was one of those people that I used to watch his main channel video every Sunday then just waited another week until his next video! I knew he had a vlog channel and everything but I never used to watch it!

Brookyln and Bailey

I have been subscribed to these twins for the longest time! But for some reason I have never mentioned them in a blog post! But they upload every Wednesday and I have never missed one of their videos!

They have the cutest family and all their videos are so positive and happy! They do collabs and some videos with their younger siblings. If you only check out one person from this post (check out all of them though) check out these girls because they are amazing!

So there was 5 youtubers I have been loving at the minute! I hope you enjoyed this post, it has been really highly requested!

See you soon! Love you! xx


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