I Need Questions!


So I really wanna do another Q&A but I don’t have any questions! Please can you leave some below… thankyou so much!

I am writing a really long post at the minute, which I am really excited for you guys to see!

Would you like me to make an Instagram account for my blog?

Anyway.. please leave questions below! Love you all!


21 thoughts on “I Need Questions!

  1. excited for the new post you’re writing!


    Dream career?
    What is your favourite animal?
    Sweet or savory foods?
    Where would you like to travel?
    Which bloggers do you get inspired by?


  2. Why did you start your blog?
    I know you watch YouTubers, but would you ever start a channel? or have you already? :$ πŸ˜›
    If there was any brand you could work with on your channel, who would it be?
    If you could do a collab with anyone on your channel, who would it be?

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com


  3. Yes! Getting an instagram for this blog would be great! If you do, tell me your username and I’ll follow you πŸ™‚
    And my questions:
    Which country would you most like to travel to?
    How do you study best?
    Favourite thing about yourself?


  4. Any funny stories?
    Fav. stuff? (songs/food/movies/animals/color/idk)
    Youtube channels (if u watch them or if u have one)
    Describe your personality ^^

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