My Blogging Story | First 4 Months


So today is going to be a very rambly post… well I think so! I am going to be telling you about my blogging story, well so far! How I started off and how to make blogging friends and everything like that! I know how hard starting a blog can be, it’s like throwing yourself in the deep end of a swimming pool when you can’t swim… that is if you have no experience! Anyway, let’s get started! I hope this helps some of you if you are starting out with blogging… or if you are just interested to see how my blog started and everything!


In January I got 73 views in the whole month, which I was pretty proud of, but now I have has more than 73 views a day! All my posts were quite robotic and everything, I wouldn’t have wanted to read them! So when I first started… well these were the things I posted in January…

  • Zoella Beauty review
  • Winter Pamper Routine
  • Lush Christmas Collection
  • TMI Tag
  • 50 Facts About Me (this is the great one to start with because your readers get to know a bit more about you!)
  • Things To Do When You Are Bored
  • Collective Haul
  • How To: Be Happy
  • Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

So as you can see I tried to keep active in January, which is a good thing to do in your first month of blogging! I didn’t really understand commenting and stuff, so all my views came from just people that had found my blog!

I know you can see december here, but that was because I created my blog in december… I didn’t post anything and I got 2 views!Β 


So in February my blog really took off! I learned that commenting on blog posts really made people aware of your blog and I ended up with loads more followers, and people liking and commenting on my blog! I posted a lot of things in February, and all the things I wrote I really enjoyed writing! I realized blogging wasn’t just about the blogging bit, it was about making friends and enjoying other peoples posts as well as writing your own!

I think I was more myself in my posts as I was in January, and that paid off in my views and everything! There were so many new people to my blog, just because I had left a comment on their blog saying that I liked it! I guess that’s my main tip for new bloggers, just find some blogs you really enjoy (preferably bigger ones) and make friends with the people who comment on their blog posts, as well as the blogger itself!

So in February, I had 878 views, which is a massive improvement from January, especially as I was enjoying writing my posts so much more than before!

I wanna add, if you are new to blogging, make sure you really really enjoy it… if you find yourself checking your stats every 2 minutes, then it’s not for you! My favourite bloggers are the ones that really enjoy it, and you can tell by the tone of their posts! You are only gonna grow your blog if you really love it, because hardly any people actually get their blogs BIG! Don’t focus on the views, you should blog because you love it!


At the beginning of March, I really didn’t feel like blogging at all. I think I posted a few things, and they weren’t the best quality.. you can see that if you go and read them back! But at the end of March, my need for blogging had came back and I was back making posts I really enjoy!

I think that’s another thing you need to remember, people take breaks! I spend loads of time on one post, and sometimes posting every single day gets a bit much! So if you aren’t feeling like youΒ wantΒ to blog, of if you don’t have any ideas of what to write about, just don’t! Your posts won’t be your best and more likely you will write it better another time!

I was introduced to some of my best blogging friends that I have today, and I met some amazing bloggers! Just remember, if you are nice to people in the comments they are more likely to check out your blog!


In April, my blog really took off! I had loads of inspiration to post, and I have posted something every day! I have been loving posting more frequently, because I get to see what my readers like reading and which people regularly check out my blog!

I started my new award this month ‘ChocolateAward’ and everyone seemed to like it! I think when you start a blog, you need to make a little catchphrase of something that makes people remember you.. the award is mine!

Also in April, I hit 100 followers! That’s crazy!


So that’s my blogging story! Well the first 4 months of it! I kinda wanna do one of these every 4 months, to some up that time! I hope this helped some of you, if you are starting a blog, or if you wanna make it better! Or I hope you found this interesting if you just wanna see how I started up a blog!

I have been writing this post for 2 days, I have a feeling there will be a lot of things I will need to cut out!

See you tomorrow! Love you!


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