We All Love Sundays | What I Got Up To!


So this is going to be a chatty post of what I did today! As I am writing this it’s a Sunday, but I am posting this on a Monday SO Happy Monday!

Anyway, so I had quite a rushed morning this morning, I had to be out of the house by 9:30 which I hate doing on the weekends! Basically if any of you swim, or do any competitive activity for that matter, know that every now and again you have to compete. Today was the day of the Peterborough gala, which is miles from my house!

Thankfully, I didn’t have any events in the morning, because I really didn’t want to get up that early, so our friend came round at 9:15 and we went off! But on the way we picked up another friend, so in the end it was all like a massive party! Well in the car but whatever!


Once we had got there, we had a bit of time to wait, so we ate some food before the races began!

In the afternoon events, I only had one race which was 50m breaststroke! I don’t like competing in breaststroke because it is a really slow stroke! But anyway, I knocked 4 seconds of my time, which I was really pleased with!

Then in the break, we went on a walk to get some more food (we were hungry okay!) and I got a smoothie because I couldn’t find anything else. We got back and chatted before we went to get changed again.


Finally it was time for the evening events! The warm up was horrible compared to the last one because I had just drank a massive smoothie and it just isn’t nice! Anyway the next race was 100m breaststroke (this gala was mainly for my breaststroke times) and I knocked 10 seconds off!!!!! I am actually really pleased with that because as I said earlier, I hate racing breaststroke!

The final event for me was 50m freestyle and I only knocked 2 seconds off which I am still pleased with! I didn’t win any medals for the races I did, but I wasn’t expecting to because all the people that were there were so good!

Obviously, after the gala we got a McDonald’s, because there always seems to be one near the swimming pool! And on the way home we watched movies and YouTube because for some reason my YouTube was working in the car!

I hope you enjoyed reading what I got up to today!

See you soon! Love you!


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