Dear Past Me…


So a few months ago I did a ‘Dear Future Me’ and you all seemed to really enjoy it, so today I am going to be doing a ‘Dear Past Me!’ Hope you enjoy and lets get started!

Dear Past Me, 

I found a photo of you when you were in year 4 the other day, and what are you thinking?!?! I mean your denim play suit thing was quite cute, but the horrible black thing over it is gross! 

I just want to tell you to be more confident at school, because you aren’t going to be there forever, so don’t worry what the other people think, and put your hand up more! Also your year 1 teacher still occasionally writes me letters (which sounds really weird but she does! 

Don’t worry about your friends from your old old school because eventually you find their accounts on Instagram and become really good friends with Lily again! I don’t really know what to tell you to be honest, aha! 

Also remember everything turns out okay, and at the minute (and forever onwards) I am best friends with Evie!

Also when you sneezed in class and everyone though you had farted and you were really embarreserd, just think that now I laugh so much whenever I think of that! Never forget ‘boy in the box’ I wish I could relive it again now! But it probably isn’t as funny but oh well! I still laugh thinking about that as well! 

I also remember when I used to never want to go swimming, just know that I swim 5 times a week and never get bored/never want to go! Haha!

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling for this letter, see you soon! xxx


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