What Is Beauty?


I saw one of my friends Niamh do a post called ‘What Is Beauty’ and I thought I would do my take on it! I loved Niamh’s post, check it out here! (After you have read mine obvs, aha!) Anyway, lets get started!

Oh and sorry if it’s quite long, but I have a lot to say!

Okay I find this photo really interesting. I typed up ‘beauty’ into google and this was one of the first photos that came up. As you can see there are loads of make-up brushes/tools pointing at this (already beautiful) girl “making her up.” I hate that phrase but it is! This photo shows that people think beauty is people with make up on, it really isn’t. Girls should put make-up on because they like it, not because they think they should wear it to ‘airbrush’ them. Like everyone want’s the perfect eyeliner, no one puts eyeliner on because they want to look pretty, they go through the pain  put it on because they like it!

So unless you have been under a rock, you will know who this lovely girl is! If you haven’t already worked out, the 2 photos are her with and without makeup/hair done. I think personally the photo on the left is prettier, even though she looks gorgeous with everything done up. You know why that is? Because she is confident. I think one of the main ways to be beautiful with no makeup on is to be confident.

As you know, Demi Lovato is super confident in her skin, and look at her! She is super pretty, and she just looks really happy!

When you are walking down a street, would you rather be friends with a smiley person or a frowny person? I know who I would pick! But when you see those 2 people, do you think the happy one is more pretty? Cause I do! Beauty is more about the personality, well I think so!

I mean you don’t have to be the prettiest person in the world, but if you are happy and smiling, everything like that, I think you are more beautiful. Just remember that! It’s more about personality than looks… even though I have written most of this post about looks, because that’s what most people think beauty is when they hear the world!


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