2 Posts A Day For May!


Sorry that my posts haven’t been the best for the past few days, it’s because I have been planning this!

So towards the end of March I thought how good it would be if I posted twice a day for the whole of April, but then I thought it might be really hard and I haven’t got any of the posts prewritten!

As you may have noticed, I posted a lot during April to see if I would be able to post twice a day and I think I can! So for the whole of May (or as long as I can do it for) I will be posting twice a day, at 9am and 5pm!

But obviously this is a lot of posts, so let me know what you wanna see in the comments below! Oh and is they are a bit late, that’s because I am making them perfect for you all :).

Remember to leave below post ideas!

Love you!


6 thoughts on “2 Posts A Day For May!

  1. I think your posts already are fantastic! Post whatever you want to, but if you are asking then you can post some tips, chocolateaward or anything basically! (Wow, I am so helpful and original)
    WHAT HAPPENED TO CHOCOLATE AWARD BY THE WAY? I still haven’t received my chocolates! ;-;
    Just kidding. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Can’t wait to see your posts!
    Have a great weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚


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