30/04/16 in 4 Photos and 100 Words


So I thought of this really strange idea, where I explain what we did yesterday in 100 words and 4 photos! That way it’s not to much to read and I thought it would be a challenge for me! Aha! So lets go!

Snapchat-5473484685702066971So on the 30th April (yesterday) it was my mums birthday! The night before me and my sister had set up her pressies downstairs with some balloons. Once she had opened them, we decided we wanted to go out somewhere because it was such a nice day. Because we hadn’t been in a while, mum decided she wanted to go to Southwald, which is quite a long way from our house! Basically after the realllly longgg drive, we were there and had a look at all the little shops, went onto the pier and went to a pub for lunch!


I hope you liked this post, and the 2 Posts a Day in May idea!

See you soon! Love you! xx


6 thoughts on “30/04/16 in 4 Photos and 100 Words

      1. My current one is called Poppy. Her litter were very poorly when they were born so she hasn’t grown to her full size. She’s about the size of a jack Russell 😂 xx


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