So if you read my post I put up earlier, you will know HideawayGirl is the latest winner of my ChocolateAward! If you haven’t seen it just click on my blog and you will able to see it but… recently she did her opinion of herself as a blogger?! I don’t really know how to explain it, but click here to see what I mean! Anyway, I am going to be doing a post of mine like this, hope you enjoy! Oh and also if this is super negative it doesn’t mean I hate blogging, there are so many things I love about it! Lets just get started! Aha!

So before I start I have never written a post like this before so I don’t know how it will go….

So I am so grateful for how my blog has grown.. there are not 107 people that follow me!

I started blogging because I loved it and I have always loved writing

And because I have always thought it would be fun to do!

To grow my blog, I left comments on other peoples posts, in hope they would check me out

Some of them did, and even followed me!

But I know other bloggers can relate,

When there’s a new blogger that wants to be known that’s fine to link your blog in the comment

But there’s always some people that has to leave their blog link at the end of their comment

Even when I have already been onto their blog and liked and commented on their posts

(not aiming that at anyone at all, I promise, I have just noticed it xx)

Like I follow your blog because I genuinely love it,

And if there’s a new blogger I will totally check them out and follow if they look good,

But I won’t follow you because you are begging.

It stops me from looking at the blogs I really love!

I’ve realized that sounded really rude, I promise it wasn’t meant to!

So even some of the biggest bloggers miss schedules every now and again,

And miss a post

But that’s not their fault,

Because they are human.

So if you have started a blog it should be because you love writing

People nowadays say that hate comments come with starting a blog

I really don’t believe that.

If you really love writing and you get hate on your blog,

Remember you aren’t the only one

There are always going to be some people that don’t like you,

How ever much you try you can never please some people.

But this is why I don’t believe hate comes with blogging.

Because if you love something enough you really shouldn’t care who hates it,

You should care about who loves it and most importantly

If you love it.

That doesn’t just apply to blogging,

It apply’s to everything.

I am probably not the oldest/wisest blogger you will ever read

To be honest I am quite dumb

But I hope you have enjoyed this little rant

If it has been a little negative

It’s because I try my best to make all my posts happy and positive

But sometimes I need to have a honest chat with you guys

And I promise I will be happier tomorrow!

But I am not sad or upset

I don’t even know what I am right now, tired probably! I’m rambling I need to go

Love you all lots! Bye!

13 thoughts on “Blogging.

  1. Hey I totally agree with everything, especially when someone just reads the post and doesn’t even comment on what you have said, but instead just say ‘wow, great post! Check out my blog!’. I must say, I never do… Great post x


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