Another One?! | ChocolateAward


So I only posted a ChocolateAward a few days ago, but I did mention I had two people I wanted to give the award to and I thought it would be nicer to them if they had it in separate posts! Anyway lets just get started!

LilacClouds is new to blogging and is already one of my faves! Okay, so as you may know we are bestest friends, but that doesn’t matter! She is an amazing blogger and she is just getting into writing posts and everything, they are always such good quality and everything! Also she is struggling to think of ideas for posts at the minute, so go and leave a comment of a few things she can do! Her blog isn’t like anyone else’s, all her posts seem to be really well thought out and everything!

To LilacClouds, 

Okay I think that is so strange, not calling you by one of our many weird nicknames! Anyway even though you have been my best friend for agesss, you are an amazing blogger! I absolutely love your posts and you never fail to make me laugh! The only thing is you could post a bit more often… but that’s okay because you are probably sending me ugly snapchats rather than blogging! I think this ‘letter’ hasn’t really been about blogging so far, but oh well! I will always love you and your massive forehead! xxxx

Also LilacClouds will be the first blogger to actually get chocolate, well I buy her food all the time because you know, that’s what best friends do!

So that was the end of this ChocolateAward! If you want to win the next award… which will be in a few weeks… then this is all you have to do!

chocolateawardSo you have to be active on your own blog, posting happy positive content that people would like to read! Then you have to be active on my own blog liking and commenting on my posts… and the only other thing you have to do is reply to all your readers when they comment on your blog!

So that’s all you have to do! I will be checking and yeah!

I am so happy how this award is turning out, let me know what you think in the comments below! Also remember to stay active and everything and I could be writing a special letter to you on my next post!

See you soon! Love you all!


6 thoughts on “Another One?! | ChocolateAward

  1. Thank you so much girlies! xx Awh lovely this is so sweet, I really appreciate this and thank you for getting me noticed – it means a lots 🙂 I’ll happily take chocolate from you. Also I know I need to post more often – I’m still learning 🙂 Love you lots and lots and lots

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    1. That’s okay, I don’t have chocolate I have 2 pizza express pizzas dough balls and Ben and Jerrys? Is that enough fatty? 😂💖 Love you more and you know what… WELLLL DONEEEE😂😂😂💙


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