Night Time Routine | Expectation Vs Reality


So sorry again if my last post was kinda negative, but I am writing this on the same day and I am so excited for it! So I have been planning this for ages, thinking of ideas and everything and i’m finally done! This post is a Night Time Routine Expectation Vs Reality! I am planning on doing a proper night time routine soon, but in the mean time, lets go!



5 lush product bath cocktail, with 20 different shower gels to choose from and a glass of champagne.


No bath bombs left so has to use really old bubble bath and sisters shower gel that smells gross. (but then the bubbles overflow)

Watching Youtube



REALITY- I mean it can’t just be me…

Food and Drink



Making your room tidy ready to pamper



So I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I absolutely loves writing this for you guys, it is probably one of my favourite posts I have ever written!

If you would like more posts like Expectation Vs Reality please let me know!

Also I am going to be doing a proper night routine soon 😉

Let me know which one of these relates to you most!

See you soon! Love you! xx


14 thoughts on “Night Time Routine | Expectation Vs Reality

  1. never used a bath bomb before. don’t take baths. i shower (don’t get grossed out) -0- Not really relatable cause i’m an alien but it’s funny


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