April Unfavourites


Yes you read the title right, don’t worry! So I have been scrolling through all the blogs I love reading and I haven’t seen this before! A lot of people have been posting their April Favourites recently but I have thought if another idea! So if you have read my blog for a while, you will know I am quite a positive person, but today I am going to be telling you guys the things I have hated throughout April! Enjoy!


Now I sound like a typical British, hahaha! But literally the sky has been so blue in April but it has been so cold here! Okay I admit, if you know me I am always moaning about being cold, I get cold at everything! But it’s really annoying when you are about to go out and you think it’s going to be a lovely sunny day then you go outside and you realize how cold it is and you end up being late because you have to get changed again! But the lovely blue sky has been so nice for photos.. until my hands freeze off!

Then again Autumn/Winter are my favourite seasons because you can dress for the coldness and not look to strange!


Snapchat-3118274464203535291Okay so actually I love hot chocolates and everything, but in April I have wanted hot drinks a lot (because it has been cold) so when I have been making one, I usually rush it and make the hot chocolate or tea (I don’t like normal tea wehave a really nice sweet tea) so hot it burns my mouth! So I have been sticking to cold drinks and it has made my skin so much nicer and we now have our ice machine working which it great!





I know this is a really strange one but I have been loving my hair straightened throughout April! Partly because my hair is really easy to straighten at the minute and curling my hair takes so long to do! I also am in the process of writing a hairstyles post because you all seemed to like my other one, so bare with!



So you guys all know how much I love baths and having a face mask in the bath with a bit of YouTube playing. But at the beginning of April, I used a face mask and I then had 2 massive spots on my forehead! So I have been avoiding all face masks at the minute and my skin has been so much better, also i have been drinking a lot more, but yeah! No to the face masks right now!



So I will always love all the big YouTubers, but throughout April I have been watching smaller ones a lot more (one’s with under 1,000,000 subscribers! And I am not complaining because they are amazing! I have done a few favourite Youtuber posts and they are the one’s I have been watching!

So that’s the end of my April ‘Unfavourites’ because I couldn’t think of any more! Let me know if you liked this post and also let me know in the comments what you have been ‘unloving’ in the comments below!

See you all soon! Love you! xx


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