How To Start A Blog… In 5 Steps!


So I don’t know if you remember, but quite recently I did a My Blogging Story post, and you all seemed to like it! But in there was basically about what I had learned, I don’t know if the points were obvious or not, but in today’s post, I am going to be telling you 10 tips! Hope you enjoy! Oh and also, these don’t just have to be for beginners, they can be for anyone, maybe at least one of them can help you!

Design of your blog

So when you start your blog, you are given the option to pick a design. I went for Intergalactic I think because it had the same name as my favourite bath bomb and I kinda liked it! But as I posted more, I realized I didn’t like that theme so I wanted to change it, I thought the theme was quite awkward to read and didn’t give my blog the vibe I wanted it to. Now I have Cubic and I like it so much more! So you don’t have to get the design right first time, just play around as time goes on!

Blog name

I wanted my blog name to be something cute, but not like I had ever seen before! I picked chocolatedrops, because I was eating chocolate drops at the time and I thought it was a kinda cutish name… and I didn’t know of any blogs that had the same name!


I kinda feel like this one is kinda important. So you want your content to be original but something you enjoy. I think my blog is lifestyle but I don’t know! I include little bits and bobs of beauty here and there but you know.. just again play around with it over time and see what you enjoy writing about the most!


When you first start a blog, you aren’t going to get 1,000,000 views over night! All successful bloggers start a blog because they love it, and if I am being completely honest, I didn’t really understand about the stats and stuff until like the middle of February!

Blogging Friends

You are going to fond blogging a lot more fun if you make blogging friends! Just comment on a few blogs you really like and they will hopefully return the favor and you will have a lot of lovely blogging friends that will support you and love your blog! But make sure you are nice to them aswell, because that’s how friendships work!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and you found it kinda helpful in someway! Even if you already have an amazing blog, I hope you learned something new, or just… well I don’t know!

See you soon! Love you! xx


23 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog… In 5 Steps!

  1. Oh… you actually have to be nice to people. Now I’ve learned why I got no friends. It’s not my fault I’m a massive diva. Well it kinda is


      1. Oh stop it you’re making me blush… LITERALLY *searches for blush emoji but can’t find it*


      2. Surely if they can make a Kim kardashian emoji then a blush emoji surely is the least they could do. Or a courgette emoji… that’d be


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