Common White Girl Tag


So I have seen this tag floating round the interweb, and I have been meaning to do it but never got round to it! So let’s just get into it! (Oh and there is a blogger -50ShadesOfJay- who posts ‘Tag Tuesdays’ so throughout May I am going to be doing ‘Tag Thursdays’ where both of my posts will be tags!) Anyway let’s just get into it aha!

Favourite Starbucks Drink? Oooh… probably the Christmas Honey hot chocolate, just a normal hot chocolate or the mango cooler thing!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About 30min-1hr for school but for weekends about 30mins

How many selfies do you take a day? Basically if I am having a good hair day or I look nice, I take to many! But a day, well I spam my bestfriend with like 200 selfies a day, not all if them being nice, aha!

How many Instagram followers and pictures do you have? I have 365 followers and 401 photos!

Do you ever say “LOL” or “OMG” out loud? Sometimes, but not often!

Do you wear the same clothing item more than once? I wear the same outfit pratically everyday, haha!

Are you racist? No, not at all.

How many tweets do you have? I don’t really know, but I don’t use twitter a lot!

Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr? Instagram all the wayyyyy!

What do you spend most of your time doing? Talking aha!

Who are your favourite youtubers? Eve Bennett, Gabbie and LucyandLydia at the minute but they change all the time!

How often do you do your nails? Whenever I have a school holiday or something because we aren’t allowed to wear nail polish for school!

Are you a shopaholic? Yes.

How many times have you watched Mean Girls? To many it’s so good! Mean Girls 2 was so bad it was horrible!

Do you own a lot of clothes? A girl can never have to many clothes… just saying.

Do you take pictures of your food before you eat it? Usually I am to hungry, but if it looks really good then maybe!

Do you wear make-up everyday? Nope! Not usually for school but on weekends sometimes… not usually though!

What are your average grades at school? We don’t talk about school on my blog! Haha!

How do you usually style your hair? Umm… my 2 favourite hairstyles at the minute are dutch braids or straightened!

Do you always look presentable? Not when I wake up really early!

I really enjoyed writing this! If you like the idea of ‘tag thursday’ let me know!

See you soon! Love you! xx


10 thoughts on “Common White Girl Tag

  1. Ooh thanks for mentioning my blog! I enjoyed reading your answers and cant wait to see your tag thursdays!! Mean girls 2 wasn’t the best, I think if it hadnt of been part of mean girls and was just something else it would have been better if you get me? But because it was known as mean girls 2 it ruined it haha! And yesss lucy and lydia are awesome! Great post xx


  2. oh my. I’m not a white girl but. i must say we’re so different. it’s not u it’s me. as well all know i’m an alien. You drink starbucks? Coffee? I can if i’m an adult. I hate clothes. Do u go shopping by yourself. I hate shopping, never go outside. Too fat for clothes anyways just have a stupid uniform.I don’t talk. I don’t have a phone or take selfies. Hate em actually. You have social media? Wow, lots of followers. What is tumblr? and wth is mean girls lol sorry if i sound rude i’m an alien remember


  3. hey i’m sorry i didn’t mean to sound rude XD this tag was super interesting i hope you don’t face palm at my alieness and stupidity (what is tumblr and mean girls… ) congrats on ur followers 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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