Our Sleepover | In Photos


So I know I haven’t posted yesterday, but today i’m back! So basically I had my best friend Evie round and we had the best time! I took loads of photos and I am going to show then to you, because I love them! On her blog, she is posting a ‘Guide to the perfect sleepover’ where you will be able to see what we got up to in a but more detail! If you aren’t following her blog, check it out here!

First of all we obviously watched Youtube and Nexflix! Then we went on the trampoline for ages because- why not! 

We had really dirty feet, so we ran a foot bath with UltraViolet, Creamy Candy and The Comforter

We used the ZoellaBeauty body scrub to exfoliate our feet (by the way this is my favourite thing from any of the range)
This is what it looked like before we ran the bath, it’s so pretty and the bath smells amazing I literally can’t! 
Look how pretty it made the water as well! It was so bubbly aaagh! This is definitely my new favourite cocktail! 
What’s a sleepover without messy buns! I’m on the left, Evie’s on the right
Also, what’s a sleepover without ice cream! Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough duh! 
Topped with Strawberries and chocolate sauce down the sides! (we might have had 2 each but don’t tell anyone)

Then we watched more youtube then because it was such a lovely evening, went back onto the trampoline and chatted as the sun set… then we came upstairs and were so strange on snapchat and everything!

For breakfast this morning, we made pain au chocolates
Then we went to the park and went on the swings and stuff- oh and because it was such a nice day- we had 2 water fights on the trampoline! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and the photos! I love the messy bun one and the foot bath! Thankyou so much for reading, Love you all! xx


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