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So as you guys know, I have been doing a ChocolateAward where every two weeks or so, I tell you guys who my favourite blogger has been and write them a little letter telling them how amazing they have been! I was kinda thinking of ideas then I thought of the Blogger Awards… where I have loads of categories and pick who I best suits the category! Let me know if you like this idea.. and i’ll definitely do more! xx

Most Inspirational Blogger

So for this category I have decided on HideawayGirl because she posts funny, relatable things and personally I think the most inspirational people are the ones I feel like I have a lot in common with that have done so well! Love her!

Nicest Personality in Their Posts

If any of you read Ruby’s blog, you will agree here! In all her posts, she is happy and bubbly and the way she comes across is so lovely!  I just love Ruby and her little blog, I feel like at the minute, her blog is that bit better than before and super professional at the minute! Well done Ruby!

Best Advice

There was really only one person who I read their advice posts, Rosypop! Okay so in ever post of her’s, there is always something I learn… I don’t know why but there is! I just love everything she posts, and I can never wait to see what she posts next!

Nicest Commenter

DIYWithMe220 always leaves the nicest comments and is just a lovely person! I absolutely love the DIY’s on this blog and most of them I can do myself! Which is saying something because I am not very good, all the DIY’s are really professional and good quality!

Blogger Who’s Posts Are So Lovely and Easy To Read

I have known about Jay’s blog for ages, and I have never got bored of her posts! She always posts unique content, which I usually end up nicking ideas from because they are so good.. whoops! I love her ‘Tag Tuesdays’ … as I said I use her ideas a lot because they are so good!

Just A Generally Sweet Lovely Blogger

This has to be JustAbitOfGlitter! All her posts are so calming and really nice to read, I am so lucky to know Niamh in real life, and she’s just as sweet! She posts post ideas, tags, everything! Go and check her out, I promise you’ll love her!

Always Has A Variety Of Posts

PrettySightsAndFairyLights always posts something different! If you ever want a different thing to read, check her out! All her posts are so well thought out and lovely!

Blogger That Deserves More Followers

Obviously that has to be my Queen, LilacClouds! I am literally in love with her blog so much, and her! I couldn’t live without her and you really need to go and check out her blog, it’s definitely one of my faves!

Blogger That I Don’t Appreciate Enough

So basically there is one blogger that always leaves the nicest comments on my blog and likes all my post, TheLonelyLion! I always see their comments on my blog, but being completely honest, I haven’t really checked out their blog or anything! Thankyou for being so lovely though! x

So that is the end of today’s post! I really hope you enjoyed it, and if you have an award than thankyou for being an amazing blogger! Check these people out if you haven’t already, and let me know if you would like more of these!

Love you all! Bye! xx

22 thoughts on “Blogger Awards

  1. I love the Lonely Lion, you should definitely have a good read as he is super great! Thank you for the mention, I am glad to know that my hard work is being appreciated! I will always love your blog xxxx


  2. OMG this is not real I didn’t actually just win a muddasuckin award. I’ve never won a thing in my life apart from the primary school raffle. but jokes aside thank you so much for mentioning me I’m literally honoured and I’m not even reciting every single award speech ever given. Seriously thanks for the award as it lets me understand I’m doing something right .


  3. Thanks so much for the award hun, you are too lovely and thoughtful! Your blog is one of my favourites, and Im definitely going to check out the other blogs too! Xx


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