So I feel like it has been such a long time since I have wrote about anything I can think of… and basically just have a chat with you! So basically I have already written 2 posts- which will already be up when you read this, but I just love chatting to you!

So I know a lot of you reading this are bloggers as well, so I want to ask you something! When you want to write a blog post, do you ever plan it or do you just kinda make it up as you go along? Do you have a list of things you wanna write about and pick one when you wanna write a post? Because I have a note on my phone with the laptop and writing emoji which is my blogging note and in there I just write out blog posts I wanna do and look back when I am stuck for ideas and write something off there! What do you do? Let me know because I am curious!

I kinda feel like rambling a lot, but then again this post might end up being really really long and you all get bored! Oh well! I’ll just go-

Okay so in another one of my chatty posts, I mentioned leaving writing the post to watch Anna and Jonathan SacconeJoly’s video about their new baby. So if you have been watching their channel, you will know that unfortunately, the baby passed away. I can’t even explain how horrible that must be for them, I love them so much and it’s just horrible to see them go through this. But what’s so nice to see that they have so many friends that are willing to help them and send their support to the cute little family. xxx

But I am a strong believer of EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

As you have probably realized, I think what has happened to them is horrible, but I can’t help but think it was meant to… like the baby wasn’t strong enough or something.

I am not writing this post to tell you about Anna and Jonathan though, to be honest you don’t even need to know who they are! Anyway, if there is something horrible going on in your life at the minute, think it might have meant to be like that, it might have been worse if it has been different.

I kinda feel like this ‘chit-chat’ has gotten a bit long and deep so i’m going to end it there!

Oh and if you have any q&a questions to ask me, just leave them in the comments because I am planning a massive q&a!

See you soon!  love you! xx



23 thoughts on “Chit-Chat!

  1. I do have a list of my own blogideas since I go into moods of not knowing what to write and it’s nice to always have something that I can fall back on! And a question for your Q&A is: who is your style icon / who is your inspiration? x


  2. Me personally I come up with lots of ideas in the shower and plan them but I always end up having another idea and making it up as I go along because I feel that adds more authenticity to it and realness, which is what I want to achieve. I’ll never look at squids the same way again. And Q&A question: what would a movie of your life be called and who would play the main people e.g you, friends, family etc.?


      1. I managed to just about keep it together. But the lanterns and I’ll miss you squid ran me close. Sorry to be the grammar police but *Emilia*


      2. Oh hahaha I just thought you were one of those people who still spell it wrong despite seeing it spelt right hundreds of times


  3. Whenever I get an Idea of a post I try to write them down but most of my posts are written as I think of them. If you have a lot of Ideas for guest posts you can do one over on my blog if you want to.


  4. In the beginning I started by scheduling posts and everything. Now I usually just ‘browse’ on other blogs and my ideas will sometimes be created from there.
    I know, the news is devastating, R.I.P little Squid🐙🐙❤️❤️

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  5. I list my blogpost ideas and go back and do it if I’m stuck! But now I need to create a new list as I’m running out xx


  6. I also watch their vlogs, and it’s terrible what happend. But as you said, everything happens for a reason and the fact that they try to keep that in mind is definitely a helpful way to get through this.


  7. I have a list of blog post ideas on my phone and I normally spend around a few days planning and editing a post! But sometimes when I just feel like a chat i just write freely, although I havent done that lately 😦
    I really enjoyed reading this, and I completely get what you mean. Everything truly does happen for a reason, but poor anna and jonathon 😦


    1. I know :(… I love your chatty posts! Same I spend a few days, usually I write them one day, then the next day I come back and read it because then I am more likely to spot mistakes then I post it! xx

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      1. Ah i need to write some more soon then! I always start and then get distracted and then my feelings change lol! But thanks! Ahhh yes, re reading is always good!! And taking pictures too can be long haha xx


      2. I know! I have just posted something that took so long to write and photograph! Aha! I know, whenever I do a chatty post I make sure I have a free hour to type everything-obviously making many mistakes aha- then go back and add things in and edit it! Then re read it the next day to haha! xxx


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