Half and Half Cupcakes


So it has been such a long time since I have done a baking post, so I thought it was about time I did one! Basically I typed up into Google ‘summer cupcake ideas’ and looked through the photos and came across a really cool ‘half and half’ idea. I thought I would try it out for you… and I made a really nice butter cream! Lets gooo

Okay so if you have read any of my other baking posts, you will know I have one cupcake recipe that I just do everything to to make other recipes.ย 20160508_145404You want all of these ingredients plus cocoa powder for the actual cupcake. Oh and also heat the oven to 190degreesC.

  1. Start off by creaming the butter and sugar into a bowl
  2. Add the eggs until just combined… don’t over mix!
  3. Then add the sieved flour a bit at a time until fully combined.
  4. If the mixture looks a little dry, add in the milk, but don’t if you don’t think it needs it! I didn’t add any milk into mine.

Then you want to get another bowl and roughly split the mixture in half. Then add a splash if milk to the bowl you are going to add the cocoa powder to (you have to this time) and mix it in. Put the other bowl just with plain mixture to the side.

Once you have mixed the milk, add in cocoa powder, enough to make the mixture normal again… I added quite a lot because I wanted a big difference between the two flavors! Obviously you can add as much or a little as you want.

When both of the mixtures are done, this is when you might need some help. You need to get similar amounts of mixture on the spoons and put them in the cases at exactly the same time to make them stay in their half… does that make sense?!

After doing this, I realized I didn’t make enough chocolate mixture so next time I make these, I am gonna make a bit more chocolate than normal.

Also in the oven, the chocolate kinda pushed to the bottom to they didn’t look great on the top, but on the sidesย they looked great!

For the icing you will need-

  • 100g butter
  • A handful of frozen berries (strawberries or raspberries)
  • icing sugar

So for the icing, I just added the butter into a bowl and made sure it was creamy and really softened, then I crushed the frozen berries into smaller chunks and mixed them in. Now you have a butter and berry mix which isn’t nice, so keep adding in icing sugar until it tastes good! This way you have an excuse to keep trying your mixture, and I will say this was the perfect icing for these cupcakes! They really complimented the chocolate and the plain cake!


I hope you enjoyed this post! I love writing baking posts, they are probably one of my faves! Let me know if you are going to make these, I would love to see your results or if you changed anything!

Oh and also I made a special email for chatting to you guys/collabs! I have realized I don’t do collabs as much or chat to you guys personally as much! So if you ever want a chat/want to collab just use this email and i’ll reply to you!


Hope you enjoyed this post! See you soon! Bye! xx

*As I am reading this back ready to post, I have realized I have only put one post up today, I am so so sorry about that! I hope you understand and enjoy this post, it took a lot longer than I expected and a lot of work!*


35 thoughts on “Half and Half Cupcakes

  1. Haha this one is so interesting, looking forward to see more!
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    Thank you!


  2. I’d love to collab, however I don’t use an email for my blog as it’s anonymous and I have only my personal one. Have you got Twitter??๐Ÿ’—if you do, follow me @ZalfieFanatic & I’d love to chat about a collab post!๐Ÿ’‹


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