Things That Make Me Happy


So everyone has those down days, and when you have one of them, you need something that will cheer you up. So today I am making a list of things that make me happy when I am having a bad day, and hopefully if you are feeling a bit down, one of these will help you! Oh and if you have any things that I missed that cheer you up, let me know in the comments below and i’ll be sure to try them!

Lets go!

  • Bouncing On My Trampoline
  • Going For A Short Walk
  • Swimming
  • Watching YouTube
  • Watching Netflix
  • Blogging
  • Having A Lush Bath
  • Face Masks
  • Shopping
  • Going Out With Friends
  • Speaking To Evie (My Best Friend Everr)
  • Having Cuddles With My Guinea Pig/Puppy
  • Looking At Snapchat
  • Looking At Asos/Forever 21
  • Eating (food is the best)
  • Baking/Cooking
  • Trying Out Different Hairstyles
  • Planning Someone’s Birthday Pressie
  • Taking Photos
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Going For A Gentle Jog
  • Chatting To You Guys
  • Listening To Music
  • Sitting With A Blanket And A Book/Β Magazine
  • Playing Around With Some Make Up
  • Painting My Nails
  • Having A Sing-Along To My Favourite Songs
  • Having A Massive Dance Party And No One Watching You
  • Sleeping
  • Skyping/ Video Chatting Someone
  • Buying Food
  • Smelling Something Relaxing ( for me it’s the Intergalactic bath bomb)
  • Β Washing My Hair

Okay so that’s the list of things that I like to do when I am upset/ unhappy! Let me know what you do in the comments below, and blog post ideas!

I am running out of things to post, so let me know things you would want to see me do! Anyway see you soon! Love you! xx


22 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Hope you’re feeling okay! This is a great list, so jealous that you have a trampoline haha! And the intergalactic bath bomb is just the best! What about some beauty posts like your top 5 beauty products atm? Or a list of your fave movies?

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